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  1. In Ad-Watch 2008 > Settings, I checked the "Use Trusted Programs List" option to see what it does. Now I can't uncheck it. When I try, nothing happens. Is this a bug? Please help!!!!
  2. Each time I start Ad-Aware 2007 I am informed that a new software update is available. All that this update contains is different languages, which I don't need. How can I disable this particular notification? Or do I need to install the languages?
  3. After the definitions file has been updated, the "Authenticity verified" field on the Status page has a red X in it. I'm assuming there should be a green check mark instead. Does anyone know what the problem is, and how to fix it? The defs were updated both automatically and manually.
  4. After the definitions file has been updated, the "Authenticity verified" field on the Status page has a red X in it. I'm assuming there should be a green check mark instead. Does anyone know what the problem is, and how to fix it? The defs were updated both automatically and manually.
  5. Same issue here. Tech support gave me some instructions, but now my computer is totally hosed. I get an error message when I boot and I cannot do any System Restore.
  6. Upgraded to 2007, but reverted back to SE. Now, when I check Ad-Watch events, I see this error on start-up: "Internal Error: Sites file missing or corrupted." Does anyone know what this means? Thanks.
  7. This bug was first reported almost two months ago. All attempts to get a status update from Lavasoft have failed. In all honesty, Lavasoft's tech support probably is the worst I have ever experienced. You would think that with the release of new software they would eager to respond to bug reports and keep customers well-informed, but that has not proven to be the case. Is there anyone out there who knows whether or not this bug has been fixed? If it has, is there a new build or patch that is available for download?
  8. Really? That's more than anyone at Lavasoft has offered to do. In all honesty, I gave up on 2007 several weeks ago and reinstalled SE Plus. The folks at Lavasoft have known about the Ad-Watch bugs for well over a month now, but have done nothing to resolve the problems -- or, at the very least, to inform users about upcoming fixes. They took a good thing and broke it, and now have left their customers high and dry.
  9. I finally had a response from LS regarding Ad-Watch issues, specifically the issue with it not loading on Windows start up. The response, however, is rather hard to decipher: If the settings in Ad-Watch is not saved when you turn off or restart your system, it is most often caused by the fact that users do not close Ad-Watch manually and the program is terminated by Windows at shutdown or log off. You need to turn off Ad-Watch manually to save the settings. However this problem will be fixed in the upcoming update of Ad-Aware which will be available shortly. Bottom line, it looks like a fix will be included in an upcoming update.
  10. I installed 2007 Plus last week and discovered that Ad-Watch did not load on start-up as it should. Although there have been many posts regarding this bug (dating back to last month), Lavasoft has made no attempt either to respond to those posts or issue a statement regarding a fix to the problem. I, too, decided that enough was enough and am now back to running SE Plus. I'll continue doing so until the Lavasoft folks get off their collective you-know-whats and make some effort to address this issue.
  11. Well, I'm not running Vista and I'm having the same problem that has been reported repeatedly in these forums. And contacting tech support via the Lavasoft Web site doesn't seem to yield any results, either. So, all of us who have this problem are stuck with software that simply doesn't work. Until Lavasoft gets its act together with this release, I am reverting back to SE Plus.
  12. Since Lavasoft doesn't really do much to monitor these forums, and since there hasn't been any word from them regarding a resolution to this major bug, I decided to revert back to AA SE Plus. It's really unfortunate that such a valuable tool has ended up in such a sad state.
  13. Since there doesn't seem to have been any progress made on a resolution to this problem, I have reverted to Ad-Aware SE Plus. This is a very stable version and, until Lavasoft gets its act together, will be the one I'll be using.
  14. I had the same problem. It turned out to be a firewall issue. Add the following to your Internet security program's "safe" list (Norton, in my case): aawservice lsupdatemanager This should resolve your problem.
  15. Same problem. Norton Internet Security 2006. Didn't have this problem with Ad-Aware SE Plus.... Ad-Watch worked just fine.... Just added both AA2007 and Ad-Watch 2007 to my list of allowed programs in NIS, but Ad-Watch still doesn't load on start-up. It's in my list of start-up items also....
  16. Well, it has been over a week and you haven't bothered to post any update about the status of a fix for this very big problem.
  17. That's the conclusion I'm quickly coming to. There are plenty of alternatives, both free and otherwise. The PC-cillin Internet Security application I use on my laptop includes a spyware checker. It's too bad, because I have been using Ad-Aware for years and really like it. But continual (and seemingly insurmountable) problems with Lavasoft support just may be the deal-breaker for me. Guess I'll switch to Spy Sweeper, which I also have installed on my desktop computer....
  18. Help! After not having any access to the Support Center for almost a year, Lavasoft finally updated my email address and account info in early March and I was able to get into my account. But now I can't log in to the Support Center because the email address no longer is recognized. After reading the posts in this forum, I can only assume that I am one of those whose accounts got deleted (again). I contacted Support over a week ago, but all I got was a "canned" reply telling me to log in to the Support Center! I have sent several subsequent emails requesting assistance, but have yet to receive a response. Is there someone who can help me???? P.S. Is it worth it to upgrade? I have been reading about all the problems....