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  1. NO. This is not what Ad-Aware is doing. You're confusing web services with a Windows Service. The Ad-Aware Service does not need a network connection at all.
  2. If you couldn't, they would have locked the topic and you'd know It can't always work like that. If the user does not have an administrative account, the Ad-Aware will not have enough privileges to start the service. This is because the service will have the same high privileges whether the Ad-Aware is run by the admin or a limited user.
  3. If anyone wants to stop the service from hogging up the memory, I made a little demo on how to disable it - use it at your own risk! Are there any plans to slim it down a bit? I find 20 megs a bit excessive, especially for people who run older machines with lots of stuff already in RAM...
  4. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that it was for fre for non-commercial use only. However, it is not mentioned in the license and I can't find it on the site...