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  1. Thank you very much Cecilia. It works, Explorer no more slow or not responding. Please consider this RESOLVED and close this topic. Best regards.
  2. With the help of Cecilia (Volunteer) and Anna (Lavasoft staff), I was able to activate Ad-Aware Pro 11 on my new PC (Win 7 Pro x64). However, I find a new problem - Slow Explorer progress bar on large folder, especially media files. I have a hard-drive and a removable drive, both 1TB. I use them to store my media files such as video, music etc. After activating Ad-Aware Pro 11, every time I open, copy, move or delete a file from these drives, Windows Explorer becomes very slow with the green progress bar moving at snail pace. Sometimes, Windows Explorer becomes irresponsive and freezes. I have checked various forum in the web on this subject. Most of them suggest to disable thumbnail preview, customize the folder and files to general item, disable file indexing etc. I followed each and every suggestion but they did not work. Finally today I read a thread which reads: "I have seen multiple posts about this problem and it took me a while to find the root cause. For me, disabling the Windows indexing or setting the folder options to general did nothing. In my case the problem was ADAWARE antivirus. Once I removed it, my performance returned to normal." I then disable Ad-Aware and try opening, copying, moving and deleting media files from these drives, no problem at all. When I enable Ad-Aware again, the problem came back. Please advise if there's any resolution. Thank you again.
  3. The license I used was from Ad-aware 9 and so it won't work for Ad-aware 11. My problem is resolved after Lavasoft gave me an activation pack with a new license. Thank you very much CeciliaB and Anna from Lavasoft.
  4. Need your help please. I got a new PC with Win 7 x64 which came with McAfee pre-installed. I prefer Ad-Aware Pro. I uninstalled McAfee using their Removal Tool. I then downloaded Ad-Aware Installer and started to install. When installation completed with updates, I tried to activate it with my Ad-Aware Pro license but it returned with "Activation Failed. Please try later". I have retried many times in the last 2 days and the same error. I sent an enquiry to Support 3 days ago but no response. I have followed your instructions in other threads on the same topic, i.e. no proxy in internet option, uninstall McAfee using its removal tool etc. I can't remember if I have uninstall Ad-Adware Pro from my old PC. I am attaching an image of the ipconfig of my PC. Hope you can help me out otherwise I have to fall back to McAfee because I can't take the risk of connecting to internet without AV. Thank you very much.
  5. Surprise, Ad-Watch is doing the job tonight. No change made, still the same definition file SE162.
  6. Ai Tak, thanks for the advice. I understand that it is not compatible with IE7/Vista, but surprised that it worked OK for a while. Anyway, believe I have to wait for the new upgrade/update.
  7. I am using IE7 and Ad-Watch SE with Pop-Up Blocker on. Even if I turn off Pop-Up Blocker in IE7, Ad-Watch still able to block the pop-up. So, the key is to have the blocker set on in Ad-Watch SE.
  8. I started using Ad-Watch 2 weeks back on Windows Vista. In the first week, Ad-Watch worked perfectly, blocking all those tracking cookies such as hitbox, doubleclick etc. Recently for unknown reason, Ad-Watch stopped blocking them. I have not changed the settings, and have enabled "Block Tracking Cookies". These cookies are later detected and removed by Ad-Aware. Could it be a Vista compatibility problem or Ad-Watch problem? It is annoying that I have to run Ad-Aware every time after being on the internet.