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  1. During an ill-fated attempt to install Norton 360 on my XP/Pro machine I wound up having to reinstall Windows. I made the decision not to continue with the Norton 360 but, instead, to revert to Norton Premier Systemworks 2005 which came on the machine two years ago and on which I updated the components to make them current. During that process Norton told me that Spybot Search and Destroy, which was on the machine initially, is incompatible with Norton products and that I should remove it. Spybot, naturally, told me the opposite. In addition, I was running Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, and Pop-up Stopper Anti-Spyware. After I had reinstalled Windows I then began putting programs back on beginning with Pop-up Stopper. My system crashed with a huge thud and Dell Connect running from India had to get me back on the air. I'm not going to reinstall Pop-up Stopper but want to know about installing Ad-Aware and Spybot as well as Windows Defender. Can someone please tell me which, to your knowledge, of these products is compatible with each other? Is there one product above all that I can use in both Mozilla and IE7? Is there someplace you can point me to for guidance? My goal is to eliminate popups, spyware, and unwanted cookies. Many thanks, MisterBuster