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  1. i also need help on whether or not i should use ad-aware 2007... i currently have the free version of ad-aware se personal, but i haven't used it in a while because it doesnt scan firefox.. i really need ad-aware 2007 though, because i only rely on spybot to scan my firefox... but after reading all these posts about ad-aware 2007 destroying everyone's computers and wiping out everything, i am scared to download it... some questions: 1. does ad-aware 2007 destroy the computer without me even deleting anything it finds? 2. am i safe from computer destruction if i dont use adwatch, or i only use the free version? 3. what is this blinking red light that destroys the computer? is it during the scan or is it this adwatch thing that i dont use?
  2. please I really need some help.. how can i scan my firefox for cookies and adware/spyware if ad-aware se doesnt scan firefox...? i probably have like 200 objects already...
  3. Hi i have the free version of ad-aware se personal, but i found out that it doesnt scan firefox so it cant get any adware or spyware from my firefox cache or cookies... how do i protect myself from this? someone told me i should try the ad-aware 2007 beta since that does scan firefox, but is it safe to use yet? do you have to pay to register to use the beta?
  4. sorry about replying again, but no one is helping me!! please i need some help! ad-aware is useless to me if it doesnt scan my firefox since i only use it to scan tracking cookies and stuff like that... also related to this topic, is it normal for firefox to be using 40-50% of my cpu usage in the task manager? or is it just the runescape screen...?
  5. hi, i'm not sure if my ad-aware is scanning firefox or not... since the first time i ran ad-aware like 3 days ago, it found 119 new objects and i think it's all from internet explorer.. and everytime that i run ad-aware now its absolutely 0 new objects and i don't see the firefox location when it is scanning.. so how do i make ad-aware stop scanning my internet explorer cache and cookies and make it scan my firefox cache and cookies? i stopped using internet explorer like a month ago since i like firefox better now... can someone help me? p.s. when i'm about to scan is the "search for low-risk threats" supposed to have a red x or am i supposed to put a green check on it for it to scan for it??
  6. Hi i just performed my first ad-aware se scan and it had 119 new critical objects and 32 negligible objects... i quarantined and deleted the 119 objects but should i delete the 32 negligible objects?
  7. Hi i recently found out that there is an ad-aware SE version and i still was using my ad-aware 6.0 free version... should i uninstall ad-aware 6.0 before installing SE? or will the setup automatically help me uninstall ad-aware 6.0? and how do i find out if there are updates in the future?