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  1. That went slightly quicker than expected, we're already back up and running! Cheers, Jocke
  2. Hey everyone, I rarely post here on the forums, but since I will be enabling maintenance mode shortly (today), I thought I would give you a heads up. If everything goes according to plan it will be back up within a few hours. I apologize for any problems this may bring, Thanks! Joakim Tångfeldt IT Technician Lavasoft
  3. Hi! Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit of Windows Vista?
  4. Please see above answers, We do not provide updates or support for Ad-Aware SE Personal anymore. It was discontinued on Dec 31st, 2007.
  5. Hi guys, We are currently working on it, it seems to be stable at the moment. I'm keeping a close eye on it though.
  6. Just click the cancel button on that window to start using the free version. :-) Regards,
  7. Paying customers are entitled (and encouraged) to use the Support Center. However, our support guys still have a big backlog of support issues that they are working through, so you might not get an answer right away. Please keep in mind that the more e-mail you send, the more they have to read through. Please try and keep it to one e-mail regarding your issues, that way they can give support to you alot quicker. Thanks,
  8. Since Ad-Aware 2007 isn't ready or certified for Windows Vista yet, some things (including Ad-Watch the last time I checked) won't function properly. Our Vista-compatible release is scheduled for Q3 (32 bit). Regards, Jocke
  9. A life-time license does not mean your life-time but rather the life-time of the product. AdAware 2007 is a completely new product and is as such not included in AdAware SE's life-time. Thanks
  10. I didn't suggest it as a solution, just as a step in the troubleshooting process. Trying to figure out why it won't start automatically.
  11. Have you tried disabling NOD32 aswell? It might also prohibit AdAware from starting up.
  12. Have you tried turning to the Support Center, as you're entitled to direct support since you're a paying customers? Thanks,
  13. These forums are mostly aimed at users of our Free version. As a paying customer you can get direct support from our Support Center by following the links on Thank you.
  14. You have to activate the free version with the serial key that is provided to you by e-mail after purchase. :-)