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  1. I am a Novice and have never gone through anything like this before. I just need help getting the pop up out of my machine!!! I do AdAware scans every day or two. Had my computer fixed after some type of infection a couple weeks ago, but they didn't go into Windows. I believe that is where it is. After hours of looking thru the log, I found Microsoft Windows Operating System. Generic Host Process for Win 32 Services. Internal Name: svchost.exe File Version: 5.1.2600.2180(xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-222159). This info was under "Scan Survey for C:\Windows\system 32" and ran from #7 - 916, #8 - 1008, #9 - 1096, and #10 - 1252. I have no idea what this all means, however, this pop up, ( which appears hundreds of times, and I have to click off, or wait until it disappears) shuts down the computer for that instant. It says: "Rules automatically created for the program Microsoft Generic Process for Host Win 32 Services." Computer seemed to work ok until new updates automatically appeared. I have used Norton, which needs to be updated by June 10th, and have always used AdAware. That does find extra things every time I run it. Then last nite I received a notice that if I didn't fix errors, it probably would crash, so I found Error Killer and ran that --- and found over 400 errors. I don't even go into weird sites; only news, politics, health and fitness, and things noone would even want to know about, but me, BUT if I put Parental Control on, will I be able to view what I use? That junk goes to spam and gets deleted, but it makes me sick to have it on my machine. I know I am rambling now, but this thing has me upset and disgusted. Something is wrong and I want my computer back without all the interruptions. How do I do this, not knowing your language. I don't do anything but simple things!!!! Now I just wonder how I will ever get back here to view a reply, if I even get one. Thanks millions. Emy