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  1. Is there a reason why the AAware service is using tons of memory? Will you release some update to lower this? I have Norton Internet Security 2010 and that doesn't use as much memory as Ad-Aware 8.1 does...
  2. I sent the 3rd email to support, through Support Center, and so far no-one has replied to be...not even an email that a ticket has been opened !!! Can someone from Lavasoft write a reply and tell me why I'm not getting any replies from support??
  3. Nothing has come to until today. I have @lavasoft.com added to my "Safe Sender's List" in hotmail...
  4. Is the support team on vacation? I sent a request to support, through Support Center, about 10 days ago and they haven't returned any emails back to me...what's up with this? I got a new computer and I'd like to change the old fingerprint with the new one, for the new computer... Can you help me somehow?
  5. I've scheduled an automatic full scan for my Ad-Aware AE Plus to run on the 30th day of each month and as soon as the computer goes into the screen saver, after 10 minutes, the scanning stops and it gives me an error message (attached). What could cause the program to stop scanning? When I open the GUI screen of Ad-Aware under the scan section, the "Last Scan Mode" says "Context menu_" (attached photo). Can you somehow help me because the software won't run unless the computer doesn't go in screensaver? I have Windows XP Pro SP3
  6. Everything is back to normal, for now. Thanks Tobias
  7. Download and then you can upgrade to through the program itself...
  8. Which tab do you want to see on my settings window? And do you want to see the Free or the Plus version? Korab
  9. Under which section is the download for the language file?
  10. The feature is working on my Plus version at home, but Ad-Watch has a different interface and is this normal? The fields (circled) used to say somethin else and the middle column used to have "block" + "allow" words in it and not "not translated"
  11. I just updated my Ad-Aware 2007 Free software to the new version ( and the Automatic Update feature is off. I went to the settings tab and under the "Auto Scans" sub-tab the "Update definitions file at startup" is greyed out and I can't make changes to it. I reset the settings and it brought it back; when I reopened Ad-Aware, the feature was off...can this be fixed?
  12. Tonight I bought a new 24 month license renewal and I clicked the "Email serial number" link on the Security Center page. The key was the same like the 12 month one...when will I get the correct one, even though I have 23 days left on my current license? I have Ad-Aware 2007 Plus ( on Windows XP Pro SP2
  13. The same with my computer. I haven't tried removing it from msconfig, but when I right click in it I get a grayed out "Abort Scheduled scan". I have Ad-Aware 2007 Plus