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  1. i'm using adaware pro on vista 32 home premium. suppose i run an adaware od scan. how do i determine which cookies are welcome and which are anathema?
  2. i have ad-aware pro 2007. ad-watch is configured to load at start-up (see attached). yet, when i check, it reads that it is not active (see second attached), and only becomes active after i call up this second screen - until that time, ad-watch is apparently not running. what can i do to have ad-watch not only load BUT ALSO automatically START at boot-up?
  3. i can't say for certain whether this scenario is even realizable.. to wit: suppose i become infected such that the mouse is rendered inoperable - how can i start a scan to remove the offending software? [assume infection by malware; inasmuch as this is a malware forum, it would not be fair to ask to consider virus, trojans, etc... but if you want to address viruses, etc., then i am grateful] ad-aware 2007 pro vista-32
  4. i don't understand the relevance of the concept of mru to the domain of antimalware: what difference whether the malware came in in the last 3 hours or 2 weeks ago?
  5. adaware pro, vista-32 pls consider the attached .jpg i successfully deleted 76 of the 140 infections found on a recent smart scan, but i cannot understand the remaining 64 infections. i had all their boxes checked, and clicked "remove" but nothing happened. how do i interpret this?
  6. adaware 2007 pro || vista-32 home premium. consider the 3 attachments. consider the attachment DeletedOnly52: of 102 objects found, it deleted only 52. why not the other 50? it quarantined 0 -- why .. i have it configured to automatically quarantine all objects found? i tried to "export" the scan summary, but not possible because the "save as type" drop-down menu does not function. it was my understanding that the scan log is saved automatically, so why do i need to export? given that vista has automatic restore points (an astonishing 46GB in my machine), why do i need Lavasoft's restore facility? should i use it? (avast also has a restore facility- do i need 3 restores?) consider attachment UnhandledObjects: what is the correct strategy at this point - do i "Finish" or should i have clicked "no" and did something else? what are "unhandled objects"? how can i have deleted the 50 "privacy objects"? finally, consider attachment FullScan: this attachment merely emphasizes that no objects were were quarantined - did i make a strategic configuration blunder? where can i become proficient at understanding the uses of the many configuration settings? reading the manual is not as productive as one is led to suppose!
  7. please consider the attached. how do i interpret the information shown in the AdWatch popup in order to decide whether to allow or block? isn't it possible that this is a microsoft mimic? if it is, and i am fooled into allowing it, then i am in as bad a position as though i had no adwatch protection, because i will mistakenly allow my registry to be changed by a malevolent.
  8. suppose i download a website that is clearly a bad boy: it is obviously mimicking microsoft - and an excellent mimick it is! - telling me that i must install a modification to windows media player. when i try to leave by clicking the boxed x in the upper-right-hand, another popup appears; i can't get out! Using Vista's Task Manager to attempt to kill the process only spawns another thread, and if i click Task Manager's "end now" then ALL of IE's tabs will close. Does AdAware Pro's Process Explorer work here, where Task Manager fails? How do i use it? And finally, why didn't Pro's real time process catch the varmint?
  9. not a big deal, but i seem to have configured my adaware pro too aggressively: cookies that were heretofore allowed to set, such as gmail, google preferences and this forum, are no longer being allowed. i think it's because i set the tai to <= 2; but, as far as i know, i returned it to 3. i think! what can i do to allow the setting of desirable cookies? keep in mind that i use pro's real-time adwatch.
  10. i did not see the link, but rather was looking for a button. at any rate, i did eventually find the uninstall link, as you pictured, and the adaware pro appears to be working perfectly.
  11. i don't mean to sound like an idiot too much....but, i wrote lavasoft about not being able to configure real time at start-up. they attributed the problem to corrupted files and instructed me to uninstall and reinstall. this is their uninstall instruction: i can get as far as: Lavasoft > Ad-Aware 2007 ... at this point, i can't see anything that even remotely suggests "uninstall". is it me?! they go on to say, this sounds like one of those "just follow the yellow brick road" instructions - but "They" offer no heursitics about what to do when i encounter a fork in the road .... so, are these instructions as care-free as lavasoft makes them out to be, or will i be spending the next 6 days trying to recover from the attempt? (by "restart the system," i assume they mean "reboot"?)
  12. didn't lavasoft previously offer ancillary downloads, such as "hexdump"? what happened to them? i needed to reinstall my 2007 pro which necessitated erasing these ancillaries. how can i install them now (they do not appear to be integrated into adaware 2007 pro)?
  13. Lavasoft states, as i understood it, that AdAware $free SE and Professional are fully vista compatible. but word on the street, in other forums, is that there remain vista incompatibilities. my Pro appears to be - appears to be - functioning fine. nevertheless, academically, is AdAware fully compatible or not? the last Lavasoft forum post i saw addressing this matter is dated 2006, where the gravamen was that Lavasoft will not meet the intended target date for vista compatibility.
  14. how can i instruct Ad-Aware (Professional) to NOT scan a certain file (in the instant case, it's 12 GB)? (i'm sure this question has been answered but i can't guess the search terms. sorry!)
  15. i don't mean to sound too much like an idiot - i just want to avoid flotsam and jetsam on my computer. i have to download and install Ad-Aware 2007 Pro (1 year license), and Lavasoft instructs me to uninstall any existing Ad-Aware 2007 versions. problem is that i don't know what i have because i have in the past installed the free version, the beta version (about 3 months ago), and the pro version (1 year license). Lavasoft discombobulated my account so i now need to reinstall the pro version - after uninstalling everything, including the add-ons. i need instruction on how to completely remove everything