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  1. With a deal of difficulty, I finally succeeded in downloading AdAware AE earlier this year. Now I find that when I try to download the current definition files the Update Manager appears, with its two progress bars. It charts a successful download of a couple of files, starts another, and some way into the download it just bloody disappears, vanishes in a wink! I had the trouble with updates last year and was advised that my version was out of date and I needed AE. Attempted downloads of AE failed several times, but I persisted and at last got it. Now I see there is a newer version out already. Is there something that buggers up definition updates if you don't have the very latest version of AdAware? Why does the Update Manager do a bunk like that? Haiduk
  2. Windows XP; Comodo firewall, which I put into "Installation Mode" (there is also that Windows firewall, whatever they call it). Avira AV. Spyware Blaster. Also have SpybotS&D, with the Tea Time "resident," and I think I will uninstall the latter as it seems to slow everything down. But I never have had this sort of problem with an Ad-Aware update before. In fact the old versions never gave any trouble; it's just the last couple that have been problem children. And I never heard of trying to install a program and having the wizard switch to uninstall at the end. Hajduk
  3. OK, Raziel, I tried; I really tried. I downloaded AE and opened the exe file. Installation wizard appeared, presented the usual dialog boxes, goosed Comodo firewall into asking me if I should let it do this and that, and everything seems copacetic until suddenly I get a message, do I really want to *uninstall* Ad-Aware. And whether I say yes or no, I never get anything more than an icon that just sits there and ignore repeated attempts to open it. I found aawservice.exe hiding in Temp and deleted it. Doesn't matter; my attempts to install still end in a query whether to ggo aheaad wiht the uninstallation. And no AE; no Ad-Aware at all. Haidu,
  4. Yesterday I tried to open Adaware and got an Error box with the following message: Error Occoreu um erro no Ad-Aware 2008! Componente: TFormAAW Mensagem: Access violation at address 0054B4EC in module 'Ad-Aware Exe'. Read of address 00000294 Enviar este informação à Equipa de Suporte Lavasoft (https://secure.lavasoft.com/support/supportcentre/) e tambén o gue fez, para nos ajustar a identificar este erro. O Ad-Aware termins. EAccess Violation Why the message was mostly in Portuguese I do not know, but that is no problem: I understand all the Portuguese and none of the English. I am running the free version, so the URL contained in the message is not going to help. I think I will download the Anniversary Edition soon, so perhaps this problem will go away, but in the meantime can someone tell me what is going on? Again, I don't need any translation or explanation of the Portuguese--it's quite clear. It's the "Access Violation" I can't understand. Hajduk
  5. Spike, I am running Avira anti-virus and Comodo firewall. Disabling them seems not to help, but I have tried only once. I am unable to install several programs, including Ad-Aware 2007, but have been able to install several that started out being troublesome in the same way--what I did with them doesn't work with AAW2007. Haiduk
  6. To those who have raised the question of whether it's beneficial to have more than one anti-spyware program, the answer is definitely Yes. As long, that is, as you have good ones. What you don't want is more than one real-time anti-virus or more than one firewall. But programs that only run scans on your command are another thing altogether. Each good program of this sort will catch *some* malware that the others miss. AdAware and SpybotS&D work well together; I also occasionally run McAfee Stinger. AdAware is a good program that several times has found baddies that my other programs overlooked, most recently a trojan downloader. That's why I really want to download and install AAW2007, and am frustrated by this "not a valid Win32 application" b.s. is so frustrating. Similar problems with a couple of other programs were solved when instead of downloading into a folder in "Program Files", I downloaded directely to my desktop, opened & installed the program from there, and then moved the exe file to the appropriate Program Files folder. But with AAW2007 this doesn't work--I still get the "not a valid application" nonsense. And for reasons I just explained in the previous post, Spike's method, which has worked for others in this thread, doesn't work for me. Hajduk
  7. Spike, I have tried to follow your instructions, but when I try to enter "c:\windows\system32" in Run, I get the message: " 'c:\windows\system32' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". So I can't go on to "regsvr32 vbscript.dll". Stephen
  8. I have had some problems with my computer since January, but they seem to be solved now and the first thing i wanted to do was to install AdAware 2007. Howver, when I download, te file aaw2007.exe, when I click on it, produces only the message "aaw2007.exe is not a valid Windows32 application." The file Ad-Aware.exe simply refuses to open. I have tried this several times, always with the same result. Haiduk
  9. (I'll try this again--first effort didn't go through.) I have it too. It seems to be something like a trojan downloader masqurading as a link to download an anti-trojan program. But what it wants to download is apparently the rogue anti-spyware program "Files Secure". It may be connected with the SmitFraud bug; but I have run and anti-SmitFraud program and followed the procedure to get rid of Files-Secure, and it's still there. The thing is, it's not Files-Secure, it's a program to get you to download Files-Secure. Also it prevents me from accessing Control Panel > Fonts: I get the "Error! Your computer was infected ..." message, then a message that Window Explorer has encountered a problem and must close. AdAware doesn't zap it, nor do SpyBotS&D, A-Squared, Bit Defender, AVG, or any other good program I have tried. This is one tenacious son of a ######. Can any one help us? Haiduk
  10. Gazzab, here's a suggestion. Recently I put in a "new" graphics card. One result was that icons and text appeared larger on the screen. This was ok with me; I find that XP tends to make these things too small. I started having the same problem you describe: when I tried to run a scan with Ad-Aware, the dialog boxes displayed the question but not the buttons that allow one to answer it. I tried reinstalling, downloading afresh and installing--nothing made a difference. This forum provided no help at all, and in the end I regretfully uninstalled Ad-Aware and started to look for a replacement program. Then I went to print a page with my printer, and found that the printer's dialog box, which takes up just about the whole screen anyhow, was enlarged so that the buttons were overscanned off the screen and completely inaccessible. So I went to Control Panel > Display and adjusted icons etc to a smaller size. Then I downloaded and installed Ad-Aware again, and guess what--the whole dialog box, including buttons, reappeared! So far, so good--it seems to work. If this is the solution, the problem would seem to lie with Lavasoft's code. The Ad-Aware dialog box is small (unlike the one displayed by my printer); if it has some built-in size limit that forces it to display only the upper half if display options that make it bigger are chosen, Lavasoft should get on this and rewrite so that it can be enlarged and remain whole. Considering the impressive response that you and I have received to our pleas for help, we are unlikely ever to know if that is the problem or if the trouble lies elsewhere. But if you can, go to Display and reduce the size of icons etc and see if that makes Ad-Aware useful once again. Haiduk
  11. UPDATE: This morning I successfully ran a scan with the Ad-Aware file I had just downloaded from MajorGeeks; no problem. This evening I decided to do another; Ad-Aware found some tracker cookies, no surprise as I had been on the internet for several hours, and I checked them and clicked to delete them. The dialogue box came up: "XX files will be deleted. Continue?" The program was paralyzed until I answered, and once again it was a pseudo dialogue box--there was no way to answer. This is *TOTALLY INTOLERABLE*; I have relied on Ad-Aware for years, it has been a great help and once located a major problem that several other good programs could not find. But if no one can tell me how to prevent this ridiculous situation of a "dialogue box" that will not permit me to answer but prevents the program from working, I will have to uninstall Ad-Aware and simply go without. Please tell me what to do to stop this nonsense. Haiduk
  12. I have had Ad-Aware SE Personal for years and years; it's a fine program, and i have never had any problem with it. Until yesterday. I tried to run a scan and got what appeared to be a dialogue box telling me that my definitions were 28 days old and out of date, and asking if I wanted to update now. The problem was that there was no way to respond—no button or link that would enable me to say yes or no. And that phony dialogue box had a “close†button in the upper right-hand corner, but it was greyed out and inoperative. Worse yet, the box sat in the middle of the screen; it could not be moved, and positioned itself in front of any other dialogue boxes so they could not be accessed. The only way to get rid of the blasted thing was to use Task Manager and end task for Ad-Aware. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Ad-Aware; but when I went to open the .exe file, it obviously thought that it was not a new installation but some kind of fix for a preexisting installation, and I got a dialogue box giving me several choices of that sort. No matter which of these I ran, and the next step I consistently got the message: “Error 1335 - the cabinet file "cabs.w1.cab" is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package.†I gave up and went to bed. I uninstalled and downloaded anew. The Lavasoft site passed me on to C-Net for the download. I got the same message. I tried this, I tried that. Either I could not install (error 1335) or if I could that nasty pseudo-dialogue box reappeared. This morning I uninstalled everything of Lavasoft and Ad-Aware I could, and deleted the remainder. I tried again to download and could not. This morning I tried again to download and install and got the message “Error 1721—There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.†I went to MajorGeeks, a download site I have used before with good results, and got the same Error 1721. But when I went back to Downloads and opened the new download a second time, it came right on and began to update the definitions. I then ran a scan and removed four tracker cookies. Everything seems copacetic again. OK, I guess the problem is solved this time, but I have never had any problem with Ad-Aware before, and this one cost me several hours of frustration. So can anyone tell me: what was the blasted pseudo dialogue box all about? Why did I get Error 1335 and Error 1721 messages? Why did the download from MajorGeeks work when the one from C-Net did not? What was it all about? Haiduk