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  2. Just came to think of it... Is those "helpfull" pup-up "Spyware" programs, who offer free scans (and put a lot of damage files on your PC, have I read) still operating? Or are they banned by law? I remember last year on a page, where I used to send eCards - 123 Greetings... There came all the time a pup up from, yes was it Driver Cleaner - do not quite remember it. And I`ve read that there is similar fake programs, who make more damage then good. But are they really still around? And what are their names - Not because I want to try them, I just wondered if they was not stopped yet :angry: or what Have a fine evening
  3. I made a little SPEED-Test - Just for fun... Normal I make a full system scan with Search for negligible risk entries marked green V + Search for low-risk threats marked green V .... 7 Red Criticals Blinking Bugs TEST: Full System with only low risk threads marked green = 13 minnutes & 55 seconds. Smart Scan with only low threads marked green = 2 minnutes & 35 seconds. - And they found the same 7 Red Bugs Can it be doned even faster ? AND STILL GET ALL THE BAD GUYS ? If I make a custum scan - What is safe to un-mark ... Scan within arcives? Select drivers and folders (Who of them is safe to un-mark, and who must be scanned?) Scan Registry (Yes - I suppose that is a MUST!) Deep scan registry? Scan my IE Favorites for forbidden URL´s (Think that is OK to un-mark) Scan Host file (What is that?) What is safe to do for a MAD SPEED DRIVER SCAN . And still catch all ?
  4. Hallo Forum Can you tell me... How "danger" is SmileyCentral/MyWebSearch toolbar? I notiched that Ad-AwareSe Personal pin it out to be low-risk (Tac level:2) Have used it on my old PC with WindowsXP And again on my new PC with WindowsVista But I wonder - what harm do it really do? - Since Ad-AwareSE Personal mark 6 Registry Keys and one folder RED with the funny sound. I am not talking about if the smileys are "clever" to use or "Stupid" - It is up to personal taste - Some people like them - other hate :angry: them... Just wonder if it is harmless to use the toolbar or there is some sort of risk... And what are this risk, if there is any? Have a nice day Say Jørn Rudolph