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  1. I have a problem with AdWatch - as soon as I connect to AOL, AdWatch freezes my computer - have to power off. Without Adwatch running, it's fine. So I wrote to Tech Support and after a few days I got a standard email reply telling me to re-install, etc, etc, etc, and send them screen shots. Screen shots from a frozen computer ? ? Clearly, this was just a standard automatic reply and no-one had bothered to actually read my original support request. And there was no "incident reference number" which one normally gets from other company tech support desks to allow them to review the history of the problem. So I wrote back to the address given in the email [general support] with a request for more help. It's been a week now and no repsonse. What do I do ? I've paid for AdWatch to get realtime cookie protection but it is unusuable, or not compatible, with AOL. So actually, I don't have a product at all and LSoft don't respond. Anyone know how to contact a real person at LSoft ? Anyone had this problem and fixed it themselves ?
  2. Whoaa ! Now we're making progress . . . But it isn't good. Downloaded def file 0006.000; guess what -- now can't get online at all. As soon as I dial up and get the AOL Welcome screen my computer hangs up - egg timer, no keyboard, no mouse, no CTRL-ALT-DEL, whatever. If I close AdWatch and aawservice.exe before I go online everything is fine and dandy. So I take it all back. As Adwatch has never, EVER, found any cookies in realtime I figured that it was a "fake" program just taking space until the real thing could be finished and sneaked in as an update. But I was wrong - it definitely does do something. But I don't think completely blocking net access was the kind of tracking cookie protection I was thinking of when I bought the program. I haven't bothered yet with LSoft support. Most people on this forum seem to think it is pretty useless - either completely ignored, or standard form replies which are either no help or imply the user is a complete banana who can't follow instructions. I know that LSoft Tech Support must be completely buried in queries & complaints, and I have some sympathy with the 1.5 persons who man the support desk, but after all that's not my fault or indeed my problem. I am simply a paying customer who wants a working product. There seems to be more feedback to the customer base using this forum, than Tech Support. So, Are you listening LSoft ? Tobias ? Anyone at all ? What am I supposed to do now ? Please help, before I have to give up with LSoft for ever. Phil424
  3. No cookies - ever ! JLC, You are not alone. My Adwatch plus used to clock hundreds of reg events on Windows start, etc. Most of these don't come up now since they added the user list feature (why wasn't this in at the start, like other security programs ?) But if you uninstall /install any programs you don't get any "reg change allow / block ?" dialogs like you used to with AW6SE. Tobias has replied to me in the past to try to convince me that this is normal and AW2007 is allowing the changes because it detects them as no threat. Sorry, Tobias, I don't mean any disrespect to you personally but I don't go with that. As for cookies - after the initial installation scan, I have never had AdWatch find any cookies in real time EVER. I know they coming in 'cos offline scans with AW & other products find them. I have been watching this thread and I tried all the stuff Tobias has suggested to you to enable cookie detection. Result - nothing, not a single one spotted in realtime by AdWatch. Scans reveal several have made it on to my PC, but Adwatch is happy to let them in. I think AdWatch just doesn't work - at least for me. Phil424
  4. Anyone else having this problem ? OK, I've put up with the odd error message from AdAware on Windows startup, and am persevering with the bugs and it not finding cookies yet. But since downloading def file 5.0, my computer now often freezes whilst I'm on the net. Egg timer on screen but no hard disk access or anything; no reponse to mouse or keyboard. No Rx or TX flashing on external modem. Looks like something is just looping round and round -- has AdWatch "stuck" ? Only way out is to power off, CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. It might be my imagination, but it does seem to happen shortly after doing a manual check for updates on AdAware. This might just be co-incidence as I usually check for updates sometime during a net session. I'm using AdAware Plus, I've got XP Pro (all available updates), AOL on dial-up, and Norton AV2007, and Webroot Spy Sweeper. So, now I'm really worried. I have seen reports on here that AdAware has trashed peoples PC's. Is this the sort of behaviour that people saw before their PC was trashed ? I am trying to be patient with AdAware but I'm not sure that I'm prepared to trash my PC or registry by having to power off all the time. I am considering uninstalling, but there are loads of reports on here that this doesn't work properly either !! Is anyone having this problem since last def file release ? Has anyone actually managed to use the uninstall for AdAware+ without problems ? Should I use the AdAware uninstaller or the Windows one ?
  5. OK, thanks Tobias. I feel a bit dumb now ! I should have realised a normal click goes straight to status. Phil424
  6. Just a couple of suggestions 1. Right click on AdWatch shield in systray should go to Status screen, rather than settings. Most users make their settings and then don't need to change or review them. Once settings are set-up, in normal use most users might want to go straight to the status screen to see if there is anything of concern ? 2. A download progress bar or % done display on new definition file updates. (I mentioned this before) - some dinosaurs like me still use dial-up and the manual update button. It's useful to know whether download is still in progress, or stalled, or finished. I mention this because a couple of def file updates ago, I hit the update button while a download was in progress. AdAware didn't like that at all and promptly crashed. Phil424
  7. Me, too ! Yep, getting some progress. I know many people still report problems but it seems progress is being made. Also, thanks to particularly LS Tobias for posting info on what is contained in update so we know what to look for; and for his efforts in trying to help people. Phil424
  8. Look, I know this is a stupid thing to suggest, but ... If someone having trouble registering with the unlock code could try this ? If the unlock code is tied to the type or level of AW2007 purchased, maybe the default in the droplist is not being set correctly, even if it seems displaying the product you have purchased. Try selecting a "wrong" product in the drop list then enter unlock code. It should fail. Now go back and select the right product (to "force" the correct selection) and try entering unlock code now. Might be worth a try. Phil424
  9. Apologies in advance for my lack of tech knowledge. AdAware occasionally crashes on booting up my PC, and I get the "... has encountered a problem and needs to close" message. I then get the box asking Send / Don't Send an error report to Microsoft. Now, it seems to me that the details in this report would be more use to LSoft than to Microsoft. I don't think Microsoft would be all that interested, and the file would simply go to server somewhere and disappear. Is there any way I can "divert" this process to go to LSoft ? Or, has there been some error logfile created on my PC that could be sent to LSoft ? How can I be sure that any personal info in the report (usernames, etc) is kept confidential and secure ? Note, this is different to the "Exception Report" which has happened once, which did have a button to send to LSoft. Regards, Phil424
  10. Re : Not saving setting changes Some people have reported problems saving settting changes with AdAware (the solo , or free, version). Some of those have reported it's OK after download of update to The AdWatch program, which is the add-on realtime scanner that you get with Plus, doesn't have a Save settings button, and there are a lot of reports that it doesn't save changes on exit. See link for LSoft reply :
  11. OK, sorry about that. It seems some people can register, and others can't. There have been a number of posts on this forum about memebers having difficulty registering. Perhaps someone else can offer any solution if they finally succeeded ? Anyone out there willing to help ? Phil424
  12. Hi MPM, You need to enter the registration number EXACTLY as it appears in the email - including the - marks between sets of digits. I don't know if the letters are case sensitive too, but they might be. The registration number from the email goes in the box marker "Serial Number", not the box marked "Unlock Key" which seems to have no actual purpose. Phil424
  13. Is there a fixed interval between software update releases ? Or are they to be released "as and when ready "? Is there a date pencilled in for next release ? What is likely to be in next realease ? Regards, Phil424