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  1. [quote name='charles65' post='116916' date='Feb 18 2010, 02:26 PM']I had been running Ad-Aware trial V8.1.4 about a 5 days with no problems and was offer a free upgrade to newest version 8.2 yesterday. Program seemed to upgrade ok and install updates. I found that my McAfee Total protection that I have been using for over a year was very slow to open or would not open at all. I also found that in the McAfee program where can look at Firewall Program Permissions, this would not load, just kept scanning and scanning. I tried a restart of my computer twice to make sure Ad-Aware had loaded and updated ok and tried the McAfee program again with the same results. I removed the Ad-Aware program 2010 V8.2 and McAfee went back to normal operation. I reinstalled the Ad_aware trial version 2010 v8.1.4 and it updated again all ok and McAfee is running ok with no problems. Seems like there is some kind of problem between the new version of ad-aware and McAfee. Do not see where this has been reported[/quote] Have you tried to turn off AdWatch Live? I use the Cox Security Suite from McAfee and it appears to be working fine. However, you do not want to have two real time protections running simultaneously. Hope this helps!!
  2. Each time I start the new version 8.1, a pop up appears asking me if I wish the free update to AdAware. I have the choice to Update Now or Update Later. Of course, I already have the update. Are others experiencing this? Is there a way to eliminate this nuisance? Thanks for your help!!!
  3. Do not pay any attention to that 2007 only statement. It works just fine.
  4. I am sorry you are having trouble accessing the above referenced URL. It works fine when I click on it. You might try doing a Google search for Lavasoft Definitions files for another site that works better for you. That's how I found this one. Good luck!!!
  5. After several hours of trying to get this update, I finally went to http://www.download.com/Lavasoft/3260-20_4-69274.html to secure the latest definitions file. It is a zipped archive. Replace the file core.aawdef in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-aware (Show hidden files and folders). Be sure Lavasoft Ad-aware is closed when you do this. I had to reopen the program twice in order for the latest update to show. Hope this helps everyone and thanks for replying to this thread.
  6. I am using the free version of Lavasoft 2008 with Win XP. I have had no problems with it since its inception. However, I am unable to access the updated definitions file. I click on Update and receive the message that an error has occurred. It reads Update - No connection to download server and Suggested Action - Check internet connection. I have tried several times this afternoon but receive this message each time. In addition, I tried to update the file manually but cannot access the website. I keep getting the message that Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. All other internet sites seem to be working fine so it is not my internet connection at fault. Are others having any problems with this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Moderator note: Removed unintended quote I downloaded the last update again and this time it finally took. The issue now seems to be resolved.
  8. In addition, I am using the free version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware. I don't know if this failure to update affects all versions of Lavasoft Ad-Aware.
  9. In case it helps to solve this issue of being unable to update to definitions file 0085, I am using Windows XP Home SP3.
  10. I must slightly amend my previous post. Upon further analysis, the 0085 update disappears once Ad Aware is closed. The 0084 definitions file shows on the Status page when the program is restarted. I must then redownload the apparently corrupt 0085 update.
  11. I can update to definitions file 0085. However, after doing so, I can recheck update and it redownloads the same update again. Upon closing the program, I encounter an error message and I have to end the aawservice.exe in Task Manager in order to reopen Ad Aware. Upon reopening it, the program displays the old definitions file 0084.
  12. I am experiencing the exact same thing since doing the last update. I hope this will be solved soon.
  13. I am using the latest update - of the free version on Windows XP. Since downloading this version, I receive the following message on clicking the update button: "Getting information about update file, please wait." At that point, nothing happens. Am I to assume that is normal behavior if my files are updated? Do others have the same experience? Thanks for your assistance.
  14. I should have added that I am using the free version of Lavasoft on Windows XP
  15. Same here!!! Also, my current version reads as 0007.0000 following the updates I did today. What do others show as the current version? Thanks