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  1. Thanks, I'm running Ad-Watch, and it appears that none of the sites within the internal list (generated from lavasoft, rather than "additional" sites provided by myself) are not being blocked. I'm trying to work out whether they will only be blocked in a pop-up message, or simply browsing to them using IE/Firefox will prevent them appearing (therefore acting as a content filter type of program). The wording in the help file suggests that it will indeed block "normal" browsing as opposed to pop-up attempts.
  2. As I posted this in the Ad-Aware SE area of the boards, you can assume I'm using SE I'm not interested in a new sites list, nor in whether the browser supports blocking of Pop-ups. My question, which I thought was straightforward, was Does Ad-Watch allow blocking of websites based on it's internal list as is claimed within the Help manual for the software?
  3. Please ignore the double-posted question. My internet decided to hiccough..
  4. According to the manual, Ad-Watch should block all sites within the "Pop-ups" category. With Ad-Watch running, and switched to Medium, I've tried visiting a few of the sites in the list, and I am able to access them without a problem. (using IE 6 & FF2). My questions are: Is Ad-Watch supposed to block normal browsing to these sites as is intimated in the manual, or does it only block pop-up messages that reference these sites? A quick reply would be appreciated