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  1. I have been running Adaware 8.1 for some time. It popped up a few days ago (I'd been away for a month) that a new version was available. Great. I clicked on "oooh go on then" and downloaded a 92MB file from the link provided. I ran it, rebooted as instructed and it said I now had version 8.1.4 (This was a few days ago.) EVERY time I start it up now, I get the new version available popup. The first time I went for it (well, you never know....) but every time I am offered the same version to download. Why is this happening and how can I stop it ? I note that some people say they are running 8.2 - but the site my adaware takes me to doesn't download that..... though it is the site my adaware programme sends me to... Very odd. I've been to four mirror sites now (just trying another) and every last one says it is offering 8.2 - and every last one, when I download and check the version, the end result is - 8.1.4 in the "about" box.....
  2. Great - more people with this issue - watching this thread hopefully ! I was afraid it was just me.
  3. I don't think that's it - I always run in advanced and it is doing it all automatically for me too; I have another issue, too - I will post a new thread as it isn't the same - but every time I open it since I switched to 8.1 it says UPDATE TO THE NEWEST VERSION NOW - it's driving me up the wall.... How can I stop this ? I did a web update in case that stopped it - but no; it seems determined that I don't have the newest version. ETA - there's a thread - it seems to be a bug..... Fixed soon, I hope....