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  1. :angry: I set Ad-Watch to load on start-up--it doesn't. Why??? From other posts, I see that I am not alone with this problem. Are you people sure that you worked out all the kinks before releasing it??? What is the real fix???
  2. If this is the Support Forum, why has no Lavasoft Support Personnel made a reply to my question??? Judging from the number of posts each day in this Forum, there are many unhappy customers. This is the fastest way to lose your clientele. How about some assistance here!!!
  3. And why wasn't I notified when it was??? My LPF license is current. How do I upgrade to v. 2??? Will I have to pay anything additional to obtain it??? It would certainly be nice if Lavasoft kept its customers apprised of the situation pertaining to its products!!!
  4. I removed LPF again. Checked and removed any program files found. Reinstalled LPF and started it up. It worked for a little while, then it began blocking all outgoing programs. Any more suggestions???
  5. I removed LPF at Add and Remove Programs, and reinstalled from the CD. The problem remains the same.
  6. I have recently renewed my subscription to LPF, and now I have an exasperating problem. I normally use LPF with the Rules Wizard policy, with all my programs set as I need them. I recently changed ISPs and now LPF will not allow my programs with automatic updates, as well as my browsers, to connect to the Internet, altho they are in the Trusted zone. I have changed to the Allow Most policy with similar results. When I exit LPF and enable Windows Firewall, I have no problem connecting to the Internet. I have not found a similar problem in this forum. Does anyone know the cause of this problem and how to fix it? Or should I contact Lavasoft Support directly with this problem?
  7. How do you have Ad-Aware configured? You do know that you should configure it according your needs! Configuration help for both Ad-Aware and the Personal Firewall are available at the Lavasoft site, as well as in the Help Section of each program.