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  1. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='121618' date='Aug 7 2010, 07:55 PM']Found this Guide to updating definition manually that might be useful for you wayne [url="http://lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/supportcenter/faqs/i-cannot-update-the-definitions-file-what-should-i-do"]updating definitions manually[/url] Goodluck Computer Wizard[/quote] Yesterday I took my laptop to a friend's house and used his IP address. This time I was successful in updating file definitions. Wayne 123
  2. I cannot update File Definitions for Ad-Aware Free Version 8.3.0. When I click to update the update manager appears and seems to update but the main page just shows the same unchanging date for a much earlier update. wayne123
  3. A simpler program (Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition) with fewer options is not a good thing; it is a bad thing. If people would take the time to read the support information accompanying these programs they would find they are not so complicated. Wayne
  4. With earlier versions we did not have to export anything or hunt for any files or folders; the results were right there at the end of the scan. Wayne
  5. Casey, The log records are all missing/unavailable in Anniversary Edition unless you want to export one (maybe). You cannot tweak the program as thoroughly as you could in earlier versions. The scan results are less informative. Is there another (freeware version) I could use instead? Wayne
  6. I recently switched to Ad-Aware (Anniversary Edition) from SE Version. This latest version has fewer functions than the earlier freeware versions. It provides less information and is harder to use than the earlier freeware version. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there another freeware version of Ad-Aware out there today with more functions? wayneo
  7. Thankyou Spike, I will follow your advice. In many ways the old program i.e. Ad-Aware SE Personal, was a better program. Where will you make this request?
  8. Hello Ryuuie, After you change settings you must click the Save button near the bottom of the page in which you made the changes or else the changes you make will not be validated.
  9. Hi, When I click the settings button in Ad-Aware 2007 Version and then click the LogFiles tab I am unable to change the number next to "Limit Log files to". The number is fixed at "1". I cannot move this number up or down. How can I remedy this situation so that I can change this number?
  10. Hello, I use PC Tools Spyware Doctor and Ad-Aware 2007. Call PC Tools Tech Support for help: in the U.S.A. it is 1-800-764-5783 Good Luck, Wayne
  11. Click on the Help button in the program itself and read how to use the program. It takes time but it is worth it.
  12. You must tweak the program before you use it. There is a PDF file you can download from the Lavasoft website explaining how to tweak the program. Also you can click the help button in the program itself and read how to tweak it. Run a scan after you have tweaked it. Wayne
  13. Thanks for the info Spike. I wish the PDF file and help area for AAW 2007 wold explain this! Wayne
  14. Ad-Aware SE Personal ended in December 2007. Uninstall this program and replace it with the new program: Ad-Aware 2007.
  15. Hi, Ad-Aware Se Personal is discontinued since December 2007. Uninstall this program and replace it with Ad-Aware 2007.
  16. I recently upgraded to Ad-Aware 2007 Version from Version When a Full Scan is completed Privacy Objects are sometimes listed but I cannot quarantine them; I can only remove them. How can I quarantine them instead of just removing them?
  17. I always wait one month before deleting items in quarantine to see if the other programs and/or the operating system have lost something useful to quarantine. After a month or two, if there is no ill effect(s) on your computer you should probably delete the item(s) in quarantine.
  18. I use Ad-Aware SE Personal Build 1.06r1. Definitions file SE1R170 14.05.2007 is loaded. Since yesterday this program freezes at the end of each scan. I cannot quarantine MRU's at the end of the scan as I normally do. Instead, the entire program freezes and no part of it responds. I must use Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Task Manager to close down the entire Ad-Aware program. Why is this occuring? What should I do to correct the problem? My Operating System is Windows XP (home edition) including Service Pack 2 (all preinstalled). My computer is a TOSHIBA P35-S609 Satellite.