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  1. I just uploaded 0046.0000. This update and the previous updates have caused Ad-Aware to crash. I managed to retrieve and zip the minidump after 0046.0000 was installed.
  2. I'll check back here next week, when Ad-Aware crashes after downloading and installing what will probably be definition file 0045.0000. Unless 0043.0000 can still be downloaded? Then I could install it manually and make Ad-Aware download 0044.0000 again to re-create the problem instead of waiting until next week. Is that possible? About ZipCentral: small and neat tool especially for beginners. Version 4.01 is compatible with XP (don't know about the other versions). The following is an extract from its readme file: ZipCentral Version 4.01 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Copyright © Johan Savås 1998-2002 - All rights reserved DESCRIPTION ---------------------------------------------------------------- 32-bit, free, robust and easy to use zip file manager with a lot of features. Let's you create new, open existing, extract from and add to zipfiles. Supports creation of self-extracting archives, drag and drop, disk spanning, quick view, shell execution, long filenames, multiple compression levels, archive comments, repairing damaged archives, context menu operations from Windows Explorer and more. User interface similar to other popular shareware archive managers. Let's you get to work in no time. INSTALLATION ---------------------------------------------------------------- Launch ZCSETUP.EXE and follow the instructions. For instructions on automating an installation, please see the help file. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------- VGA (Desktop/Display): 640x480 @ 256 colors or higher RAM (Memory): 16 MB or higher on Windows 95/98/ME 32 MB or higher on Windows NT 4.0. 64 MB or higher on Windows 2000/XP. CPU (Processor): Same (or higher) as required by the operating system in use. OS (Operating System): Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT 4.0. For Windows 95 and NT 4.0, you need version 4.70 or higher of the file COMCTL32.DLL
  3. Looks like we're both going to have to wait until next week and the next crash. Is it okay to use ZipCentral program to zip the program? I don't have the regular/normal Zip program since it's only shareware.
  4. Downloaded the latest definition file today. Same thing happened. Ad-Aware protested and crashed. I also tried to upload the dump into this post, as you said I should, but apparently it is forbidden to upload a dump file. Looks like I'm just going to have to upload the definition files manually. The definitions file date is still wrong. Thank goodness the file uploads and installs at all! I am not at all pleased with this unreliable and glitchy software. It's better off as a beta version.
  5. Oh goody, I managed to get the update. It just took rather long, I was starting to wonder whether it was the Ad-Aware program itself which was having problems (because it has been a bit glitchy so far). Problem solved... for now
  6. Amy: there's one thing which happened twice or thrice to my computer in connection with Norton AntiVirus (long ago). Maybe you know what the issue was? On booting my computer as usual, Norton couldn't load properly, and a red cross appeared over its icon in the system tray - I think it said it couldn't load its modules properly. So I booted the computer again, and it worked just fine. As I said - this has happened only twice or thrice within the space of four years. Also, about every four months, when booting my computer, the machine will not load the start-up programs properly - it won't respond, it's like it's on overdrive, and it won't respond to my attempts to shut it down via the start menu, so I brutally cut the power by pressing the switch. It happens rarely, and I've accepted it as a "quirk" of my computer, but I still wonder now and then what's behind it...I suppose computers err too from time to time, and nothing is actually wrong with them at all...? Oh, and Scandisk never pops up after these "outages". Not even an error box. The only time I got error boxes was when my HP all in one printer used to make my computer crash if I turned it off before turning off my computer...and instead of appearing on the next reboot after the crash, the error box would appear about eight boots later...Any connection there? *shrugs*
  7. The Lavasoft servers have crashed - Ad-Aware 2007 informs me that it cannot perform the update (new Update Manager is available) because the servers are busy. I have been trying off and on for more than an hour. So when will they no longer be busy? I suppose that this new Update Manager will clear the problems with Ad-Aware crashing after downloading the latest definition file?
  8. I had just enough time today to scuttle off to the local shopping centre and buy NAV 2008 (German version). I won't have time to install it till in another two weeks (weekend after next, probably). The man who helped me locate the whereabouts of the famous yellow box looked rather startled when I told him that I still had NAV 2003...Actually, he looked like I had sprouted a second head...In other words...You win, Amy :-) And another thing which (newbie) NAV users need to know: one can buy an upgrade when a new version of NAV comes out, e.g. one has a version of NAV 2006 on one's system, then one can buy an upgrade of NAV 2007, there's no need of a whole new version of NAV 2007. But if you've missed out a year (e.g. you've got NAV 2006 and did not upgrade to 2007) then one has to buy a whole new version of NAV 2008. That's what the man at the shopping centre told me, at least. I don't suppose it varies from country to country in this case. Oh, and I bought NAV 2008 as a stand-alone version. I did consider NIS 2008, but it's currently a bit too heavy on a student's budget, especially after the Christmas shopping ;-)
  9. Hi everyone! It's me again. Suze, it seems that the wrong date is a known problem. I opened a post in which I mentioned Ad-Aware's date problems and the fact that it crashes after downloading the latest reference file. You can find the post, and the answers, over here:;#entry66179 We've just got to wait until the devs have patched up the software...At least we know it's not our computers which are throwing a tantrum, it's Ad-Aware 2007.
  10. Hi floplo (and all those who have read the above): when I encountered further problems in connection with definition files (Ad-Aware crashing after downloading and installing the latest def file), I opened a separate post which you can find it here:;#entry66179 Spike_nz answered; s/he says that it is a normal problem and is being worked upon. We've just got to keep our computers, er, eyes peeled for more info (cf. afore-mentioned post).
  11. Hi Spike! Too late - I closed the error window instead of following it up further after the program crashed. I see two possibilities to re-create the crash scenario: wait until next week for the next defintion file, have Ad-Aware download it and crash merrily (or not so merrily). Or: manually install an older definition file (0042.0000 or whatever it's called), and then let it download this week's current def file via autoupdate (which is not that automatic after all for free users...). So: where do I get the old def file? Or will I have to wait for the next defintion file and, ah, look forward to next week's crash?
  12. Computer specs: Windows XP Home SP2 with latest patches and fixes, Firefox 2 and IE7. I thought that AutoUpdate was supposed to be enabled for ALL versions, including the free one, which I have? Well, it is not! I tried to delete the file settings.aaw, and then when I opened Ad-Aware, AutoUpdate had a tick. Then I wanted to save my settings - it went back to the cross. And if I clicked no (whether I wanted to save my settings), the green tick would stay, but then I would all the time get the message whether I wanted to save my settings or not. Also, the "last update" date is wrong. I downloaded the latest definition file, and the date still displays 27.12.2007! Apart from that, Ad-Aware 2007 crashes after it has uploaded and installed the latest definiton file - a window pops up saying that an error had been accounted. Can anyone kindly tell me how to solve these bugs?
  13. Computer specs: Windows XP Home SP2 with latest patches and fixes, Firefox 2 and IE7. Just what the title says - whenever Ad-Aware has finished uploading the latest reference file, it crashes, i.e., it closes. The reference file, however, is uploaded and installed successfully, and the scanner works without problems, but I am getting fed up of the program crashing and going all haywire after it has uploaded the reference file. It also displays the wrong date - 28th December 2007 instead of 7th January 2008, when it uploaded the latest reference file. At this rate, I will have to install the latest reference files manually - or boot this glitchy software from my system! Oh, and Ad-Aware has just finished scanning my computer. I have three ignored items (MRUs) in my ignore list. Interestingly enough, the scanner reports that it ignored 2 items. I am sorry to say this, but this updated version is giving me a headache.
  14. Well, I'm hopping mad after downloading the latest reference file. The date should indicate 2nd January 2008, but it still shows the date of the previous definition file - 28th December 2007. Also, when I tried to scan my computer right after downloading the file, Ad-Aware claimed that the scanner was busy and I was forced to crash it by brutally terminating it via task manager. Then I opened the program again, and the thing was fine, scanning away merrily with its new definition file...AND STILL indicating the wrong date. Anyway, I've submitted a complaint in the bugs section. So: after downloading the latest reference file, close the program and open it again BEFORE running a scan. I'm sure the date got botched up because of the "crash".
  15. Ad-Aware 2007 downloaded the latest reference file today. Why on earth does the update date stubbornly indicate 28.12.07 when it should be 02.01.08 or something which corresponds to TODAY'S date? During the scan, Ad-Aware says that it is scanning with the current file 0042.0000, and the definition file itself (core.aawdef) bears the name "0042.0000" - I checked. Finally, Ad-Aware 2007 takes double the amount of time to scan (which I can understand since it is a more thorough engine), and it also declares that the scanner is busy and that an error/problem has taken place if I want to run a scan right after downloading the reference file (that happened today). I terminated the program via task manager, opened the program again and it was able to scan. Glitchy software indeed.
  16. What kind of glitches and problems? It definitely takes longer to scan - about ten minutes longer than usual.
  17. No, I don't live in the US - I live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. I bought (or rather my parents bought) my current computer in Switzerland, and I've seen Sony-Vaio laptops at the local "malls" and stores (my canton does not really have any's really small verging on cramped over here, not huge and roomy like in the US!). Well, I don't really do projects, graphics etc. all at the same time. It's MS Word which I use the most (for in!) - imaging and sound software (media software in general) are used less frequently. In-store install? Over here, you mostly have to call the tech people and have them nip over to your home to inspect (and dissect) the computer, or make an appointment if you want to take your computer to a shop which focuses on computers, and you mostly have to grubble around for information until you dig up a shop which specialises in these things.
  18. Hi Amy! Open the computer?!! *shriek*! I'm a not a techie at all! Well, I think I'd rather have someone come over and do that for me, or transport the computer itself to the shop. Another look at the fan shows that there is dust especially near the base of the blades - the tips are quite okay, and the layer of seems to be thin - I can see the original black colour of the fan-blades underneath. How long does a fan "live"? Anyway, I think I'll just stick to updating from NAV 2003 to NAV 2008 before scrabbling among the bowels of my PC, lol! I'm always wiping the hull of the computer with a slightly damp cloth and following it up with a dry cloth. And the back of the computer, where all the wires and ports and techie stuff are located - that gets a dusting with a so-called feather-duster. And the keyboard...I remove all the key caps (except for the large ones) and "enjoy" the sight of the stuff which has collected underneath them before going into action with a cloth and Q-tips. And I vacuum-clean my room every second day - around the computer too - but not the computer itself. So much for computer care :-) I'm thinking of saving up for a Sony-Vaio laptop - I'd have to see what kind of "sales" are going in Switzerland. However, I am also rather attached to my current computer - it has been running wonderfully so far (touch wood!!!)...I suppose that is a miracle for a machine which is more than 4 years old? I've come across (school) computers which are older than mine, and I bet they're used all the time and have never had their fans cleaned or, in fact, ANYTHING cleaned...there are crumbs and sauce on the keyboards (YUCK!) and the balls in the mice are encrusted with particles...and still those machines run...and the students are like: "Jo, das isch aber so gruusig, aber die wän halt spare!" (Swiss German for: Yeah, that is so disgusting, but they want to save on money!") :angry:
  19. I've got 512 MB of RAM. Eek, one has to replace the fan? Hm, never thought of that *looks ashamed*...Yes, the computer is 4 years and 3 months old - it's a Sony-Vaio tower squatting on the floor underneath my table. How do I know when the fan needs changing? Thanks for putting up with all my questions - I hope I'm not being too much of a bother. I wonder how long a hard disk lives...I use my computer almost daily, varying between 4 and 8 hours. And yes, I back up my important documents and files which I need for work and university on one external hard disk and on USB sticks. PS: Just checked the fan (with a torch), well, as much fan as I could see through a kind of grating which is fastened outside on the hull of the tower, at the back, where all the ports are located. It spins very quietly, but its blades look rather dusty indeed.
  20. Erm, I've always been terrible where maths is concerned...but how do you convert bytes directly into gigabytes? In other words: my computer has enough requirements for NAV 2008, hasn't it?
  21. Hm, weird: Disk Fragmenter tells me I've got 58% of space left on my hard disk. Or am I confusing memory and space?
  22. Okay, I'll nip back sometime in January once I manage to get the box version of NAV 2008 (as a stand-alone product). I just ran a scan with Ad-Aware 2007, and since it displays system information, I wanted to ask if the below is enough to install NAV 2008 - 33% of available memory sounds really small to me! Is that normal? What can I do to free up memory? System information =========================== Number of processors: 2 Processor type: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.60GHz Memory Available: 33% Total Physical Memory: 536195072 Bytes Available Physical Memory: 175689728 Bytes Total Page File Size: 1310793728 Bytes Available On Page File: 995835904 Bytes Total Virtual Memory: 2147352576 Bytes Available Virtual Memory: 1994006528 Bytes OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
  23. Thanks - you have convinced me. I'll see if I can get the box version next month. Just three more questions: do I have to reboot my computer after uninstalling NAV 2003, or can I start installing NAV 2008 as soon as the old version has been kicked out? I guess I have to uninstall EVERY trace of Norton - Live Upate and all. Second question: what will happen to my Norton account? Will I have to create a new one with NAV 2008? And finally: how do I create a Restore point in case the deinstallation of NAV 2003/installation of NAV 2008 should go awry? Thanks for your patience I just hope that this major NAV change won't be too hard on a computer which is more than 4 years old.
  24. Thanks a lot for your time and trouble, Amy, it is much appreciated, especially during the holiday season; and I know that I'm a terrible worrywart about my computer, but since 2008 is a major exam year for me, I am particularly anxious to keep it in good shape. I was wondering whether this Norton issue can be turned into a separate thread since it no longer corresponds to the original topic on installing Ad-Aware 2007 and uninstalling Ad-Aware SE Personal, i.e. split the Norton section away from the actual question of Ad-Aware? I'll read up on NAV 2008 in the meantime. What is sure is that I won't be switching to another antivirus software brand. I had big problems with McAfee on my old computer, so it's not ending up on my current computer. Ever. Another question: NAV 2003 already has its uninstaller. Is this uninstaller to be ignored and the tool from Symantec to be downloaded and run in its stead? Am going to bed now, it's soon going to be 1 A.M. in Switzerland here. Good night and thanks again!