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  1. Thanks, Amy! But I really don't know what to do now. I've read bad reviews on for both NAV 2003 (which has worked fine for me so far) AND for NAV 2008. I've also come across nightmare versions where deinstalling AND installing NAV versions would make the computer unbootable/unusable (I need the computer for my work and for university 24/7, and it was my parents who got it for me 4 years ago, so they wouldn't be pleased if I killed it off). I will be having exams in another few months, and the last thing I'll want is a crashed computer; and since my computer came with Windows XP Home pre-installed (I had to activate it, of course), there is no backup feature or so-called mirroring software to back up everything before I attempt to fiddle with Norton. I'll probably end up keeping NAV 2003 till May 2008 (when my exams are over) and then switch over to the new version. For now I think I'll save your download instructions and keep my NAV 2003. Or maybe not. I'll just have to see. AutoUpdating: do you mean Live Update?
  2. I also didn't deactivate my antivirus software. I'm also not much of an Ad-Aware Techie (or any kind of Techie for that matter), but it's smooth to handle. A happy spyware-free 2008 to you as well! Cheers, Moby Duck
  3. Hi Amy! Hope you had a nice Christmas! Thank you for looking into my Norton problem. Just installed Ad-Aware 2007. Is it really imperative that I deinstall NAV 2003? It has behaved very well all this time, or are virus definition updates insufficient? I would in any case prefer getting a boxed version of NAV 2008 (as a stand-alone product); if something went awry during the installation, I would at least still have the disc - something outside the computer, so to speak. Now, if I want to deinstall NAV 2003 (and I'm still reluctant), what would I have to do? It obviously does not belong to the "lite" and easier versions of NAV.
  4. Did the Ad-Aware scan come up clean? (excluding cookies and MRU items)
  5. Hi, it's me again. You may want also want to down HijackThis and post the results here. Go to this link to find out how to download HijackThis if you don't have the program and how to run it; it's located in this forum, but people in a hurry may skip or overlook it: That's all I can help you with; the rest is up to someone experienced or to a Moderator. Good luck!
  6. pnkfloyd, seeing that you are currently online and reading this thread: by all means get rid of that game you downloaded. If it's blacklisted, all the more reason. I'll check in the HijackThis Logs section to see how you are progressing with your problem.
  7. Okay, deinstalled Ad-Aware Personal SE and installed Ad-Aware 2007. No hitches (so far), it got through the first scan nicely and calmly. It found 3 cookies (which are harmless) and 3 MRU objects - nothing else. Thanks for your help again, Suze, and if there should be any more questions, then I'll come back here.
  8. Hi pnkfloyd! If Ad-Aware has blacklisted the game, then you're just going to have to deinstall it, even though you spent money on it. All the more reason to kick it out of your PC, because that website may abuse your paying/credit card information! The stuff probably comes bundled with malware, so you had better get rid of it, it has probably installed some sneaky rubbish on your PC in order to check your every move. As for your questions: you'll need someone experienced to check out your 1) Ad-Aware log and 2) your HijackThis log. For this, you had better go to the appropriate forum and start a new thread: You had also better mention in your new post in the above forum that you have opened a post over here, too, so that a Moderator can move your thread/merge your posts, otherwise you'll have double posts. And if you have 63.9 GB of free space - that's MORE than enough space to install and run Ad-Aware 2007! I have 16 GB of free space left, and that is also still more than enough. You can read the minimum requirements here, it will tell you how much space is required:
  9. Hi Suze! Moby Duck again :-) Just one more question: did you deactivate your anti-virus software during the installation process or leave it on? I've been recommended to turn it off during installation, but I've installed quite a lot of stuff with it on and I feel kind of vulnerable without the scanner on (especially because I'm all the time connected to the internet via ADSL), so I'm not quite sure what to do. Thanks for all your time and trouble :-)
  10. Hi again Suze, thanks a lot for all the information. I guess the aawservice.exe has to run because of the enhanced update feature I read about (I guess it's the equivalent of Symentec's Live Update). Considering that Ad-Aware 2007 is so much larger than the previous version, I guess it makes sense that it takes longer to scan because of the enhanced bells and whistles... :-) Anyway, once I've downloaded and installed it (before 31st December in any case), I'll post back here (hopefully with only positive answers!).
  11. I know I'm being rather fussy about this, but my computer is a solid four years old (and running very smoothly so far, touch wood!!!), and I am anxious to avoid having a program conk it out in some manner or the other...
  12. Okay, I got the following from another computer forum while searching for information on Ad-Aware 2007: "My problem, as others mentioned in that link you referred to, is that even with the free version, once you terminate the program, aawservice.exe keeps running and consumes 20 to 30Mb of RAM!" The citation (which refers to the free version of Ad-Aware 2007) dates from June 2007, so maybe something has been done about this "hungry" service in the meantime? Because it would really be a nuisance to have a space hog consuming so many MB of RAM!
  13. Hi Suze! Thank you very much for your answers! I'll go ahead with the deinstallation of Ad-Aware SE Personal and the installation of Ad-Aware 2007 tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Maybe a Moderator or Ad-Aware geek can tell us why Ad-Aware 2007 is so huge! It's like...20 or 22 MB? And SE Personal is less than half the size...Has Ad-Aware 2007 been running smoothly for you so far?
  14. Computer specifications: Windows XP Home SP2 (with latest fixes and patches from the monthly Microsoftian patch-day), IE7, Mozilla Firefox 2, NAV 2003 and no other anti-spyware program. I will be deinstalling my faithful version of Ad-Aware SE Personal (via control panel/add/remove programs) in order to update to the free version of Ad-Aware 2007. I read a couple of reviews, and it seems that Ad-Aware 2007 continues running even after the scan is finished. So my questions are: 1) Is this issue resolved or can it be terminated after the scan? 2) Why is Ad-Aware 2007 so much larger in size than Ad-Aware SE Personal, i.e. will it "eat" more ressources/memory/space? 3) I have always preferred to run Ad-Aware manually, i.e. NOT to have it load at computer startup. Will this still be possible in Ad-Aware 2007? 4) What are the recommended settings for the Ad-Aware 2007 features (there are new features with consequently new settings, and I am not such a Techie)? 5) Which is the safest site to download the program from (I am mortally scared of spyware like everyone else in this forum...) Uhm...that's it. For now :-) Thank you for your time and trouble.
  15. It was my father who paid for the renewal subscription, which was why I was thinking of updating to a higher version of Norton only towards the end of next year (-> NAV 2009) since he has already paid for it; and I thought that as long as the virus definition updates are up to scratch it's still safe with NAV 2003...and I think you can still renew even the 2002 NAV version (virus definitions). Another solution would be to buy a boxed version of NAV 2008 and...well, let the subscription for 2003 go to waste, lol :-)
  16. Yes, it was renewed online at the Symantec online shop for customers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and paid for via credit card. I also received the auto-confirmation from Symantec via e-mail after finishing the subscription renewal process.
  17. Thank you, Amy! It's really great that you're working on computer problems during Christmas as well. Well, my NAV 2003 subscription was renewed only two or three days ago - it lasts till 26th December 2008.
  18. Thanks for all your help - so far, Norton AntiVirus 2003 and Ad-Aware SE Personal have never been at each other's throats, or shall I say, modules and engines; and I never let both programs run scans at the same time (which I think would create more problems than solve them...). Thanks to Amy in advance as well. PS: I remember that one of you (administrators) helped me three years ago with a particularly sneaky VX2 BetterInternet Object which I had downloaded from a dodgy site (in the shape of an MP3 file) and which ended up sitting in Windows Media Player and generating popups whenever I clicked on the Player. It also came bundled with a Winpup32 Trojan (I think that's what it was called) and I was at my wits' end until I came here! :-) Great to know that this forum is going as strong as ever!
  19. Ohhh a Norton Guru sounds great. I don't have the Norton CD-ROM with me - it came preinstalled on my computer, i.e. the installation wizard/installer was already on the computer, and all I had to do was click on it and let the program install itself. I've got NAV 2003 as a stand-alone product, and whenever I've thought of shifting to the next version (2004, 2005 etc.), I've come across complaints about the difficulties of deinstalling Norton. Thanks for all your time and trouble, and merry Christmas to you and your family!
  20. Thank you very much for your answer. In that case, I will remove Ad-Aware SE Personal via the control panel and install 2007 afterwards. About Norton AntiVirus 2003: Yes, it is old, but I still get updates for the virus definition files (although there are admittedly no more driver/engine/software updates). I am not that keen on uninstalling it because 1: I don't know whether I should first uninstall it and then install a new version or let the new version simply install over it and 2: I believe uninstalling Norton is a headache and it will insist on leaving entries in the registry even after uninstalling, and the Symantec Live Update feature has to be uninstalled separately. So I have no idea how to proceed with updating to a newer version of Norton and I'm afraid that deinstalling it will wreck my computer. But I suppose that as long as I subscribe for the latest virus definition files it's okay...?
  21. I am disappointed to read that Ad Aware SE Personal will expire on 31st December, so I'll be forced to update to Ad-Aware 2007 Free. Now: can I install Ad-Aware 2007 over Ad Aware SE Personal, or do I have to remove Ad Aware SE Personal and install 2007 separately? My computer runs on Windows XP Home SP2, has Norton AntiVirus 2003, IE7 and Mozilla Firefox 2.0. No compatibility problems, I hope...
  22. Will Easy Cleaner or ccleaner kick out that folder for me, or do I have to do it manually? (I have not yet downloaded or tried out either of these programs but have heard they're good).
  23. Computer: XP Home SP 2, IE 7 and Firefox Ad-Aware SE Personal with most recent definition file. When I happened to peek into the Lavasoft folder on my hard disk, I discover another two folders inside: one is Ad-Aware SE Personal, which I am using. But the other one is entitled Ad-Aware 6.0 and contains a whole lot of old logs from 2004 in a folder entitled "Logs", a quarantine folder with one quarantine file in it, an icon called "Prefs" and finally, an old reference file. So. Is this stuff useless and can I calmly delete this Ad-Aware 6.0 folder? It looks like a remainder to me - one which was not deleted with the rest of the program.