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  1. Jane.. There had been some problems at the beginning of month at the McAfee Support forum, regarding accessing old links. Peter (Ex-Brit) posted on December 6th stating: "Old Links No Longer Working" 'Please note that old-style links as in no longer work. The correct URL for this forum is and all working links are based on that URL now. If you are trying to locate something here use the forums search...' The following day he posted and said they were working again. I've been unable to access any old links, neither have other's I know. I've substituted those you posted, which I was unable to access, for the working links I found through their forum's search function. I was unable to find a couple, due to the way their system is set up. I've added another which may also be of help. If for any reason you are able to access those you posted, please delete this post. ZoneAlarm and VirusScan 11 The last post in this thread - now a sticky - is from a McAfee Admin who states: Post by user: JarodR MCAFEE UPDATE INCOMPATIBILITIES Very upset about the new VirusScan 10 upgrade! Viruscan Upgrade Won't Install Due to Spyware Doctor Install Incompatibility Comflicts Between McAfee Virus Scan Plus and Ad-Aware 2007 P I've wasted almost 3 months of my time, trying to figure out what was causing OE to show "Low memory" errors. Only to find SiteAdvisor was the cause. Despite the fact a newer version recently rectified the situation, it's caused my disenchantment with McAfee to hit an all time low! (And that's without any of their Security Suites installed!) Carol
  2. I'll ditto the above, in case anyone thinks it's a "somewhat" isolated incident. Carol
  3. Dave.. With 3 people reporting it, I wouldn't be in a rush to get rid of it. I cetainly don't know for sure, but it may not be a coincidence others are also detecting the same thing. Just my opinion. Carol Edit: Oops. Sorry, didn't know this was confirmed as a f/p yesterday. And that it was already dealt with.
  4. For "whateva" it's worth: Spybot's latest detection of Smitfraud-C.Toolbar888 was a false positive. I'm presuming it will be corrected by Friday, when it usually updates. If you've removed it, you might consider recovering it. Or doing a System Restore. That said, I can't guarantee, you don't have a real problem. Only noting, it was detected as a f/p. (See post #3) Carol
  5. Note post #9, by LS Calamity Jane: 'Yep, think that is another one. I've alerted the Research Team so please be patient while they look at that one (wasn't known last night so it's not in the latest update yet) and here:
  6. Seems as though, they've "studied up" quite quickly with TCF. It too is now back to "Green". They should be doing their own homework, without waiting for people to "yell and scream" (IMHO) Hopefully, they will 'get it right' with SA too! My last 2¢ ...
  7. And thank you, Corrine, for your heads up! As usual, I will wait a bit, before d/l Version 11. That would be waiting for .. the "dust to settle"! It surely won't hurt. Between what happened with AAW and now SiteAdvisor, I'm beginning to be somewhat disconcerted with McAfee. Best I leave it at that. Thanks again.. Carol
  8. Jane.. For whatever it's worth, there are two other reports at CNET. Carol
  9. I may have been faster Corrine.. but you were fast and better!
  10. Kellie.. There should be an Ad-Watch icon, to the bottom right of your computer, near where you see the clock. I believe that's what's being referred to. I don't use the paid version of AAW, but if you do, the Ad-Watch should be there if it's enabled. Does that help? Carol
  11. Thank you, Jane. I figured as much, but had hoped I was wrong. I'm amazed by the fact, they expect people to uninstall a perfectly good program!! At this point, it may be their's which will be uninstalled. Thanks again.. Carol
  12. Hi Corrine.. I also utilize McAfee's Firewall, so ZA shouldn't be a problem. The files updated correctly today. I got the notification for the upgrade after the definitions installed. That's when I opted to 'continue what I was doing'. Whether or not, I'm given the option tomorrow , I don't know. It's my understanding, if I want it, I would have to d/l it from their website. (After all I've read, I'm not really in the "experimenting mode" at the moment.) To the best of your present knowledge, do you think I will run into a problem with AAW? Thanks for your speedy reply.. Carol
  13. I did not accept the upgrade, as I wanted to read it about it first. I discovered the AAW issue at McAfee's forum, then elsewhere. Am I to believe, if I currently use the free version, I won't have a problem? That Ad-Watch is responsible for causing the conflict? (Or McAfee, depending upon how you look at it! ) I didn't want to run into problems, in the first place. I'm still looking to avoid them. Hence.. my reason for asking. 'Unprofessional' to say the very least! Any input would be greatly appreciated.. Carol
  14. You're quite welcome. There are other threads about it at this forum and many more elsewhere. It seems not to be an "isolated" issue. Good luck with it! Carol