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  1. So it is my problem and not the vendor's, huh? 1) You post "I don't see any reference at all to Vista". If you're trying to put me in my place for not reading the fine print then why do you bother posting after this "typically that would indicate that it might work or might not"? If you want to correct me, then please try to be a little more precise about it. 2) You post "indicating to me it is not a supported platform." What about the MILLIONS of Microsoft Vista users around the globe? Nearly, if not all, every operating system Microsoft has produced has been an upgrade from the previous one. LAVASOFT AD-AWARE has worked fine with all of them until now, with this Vista issue. With this in mind would you still post "it's my problem and not the vendor's"? I'm surprised the moderators of this site allow such a statement to be posted, considering the global exposure this site has. By the way, are you an employee of Lavasoft or did you reply to my post in an attempt to patronize me and the millions of other people who have spent money on Ad-Aware upgrades and now have little to show for it? 3) The first statement you post is "Don't consider this reply definative". Now here you have a point. But if your reply is not definitive, then why do you even bother to post it, let alone telling me "it's your problem and not the vendor's"? HUNDREDS of millions of people around the globe use Microsoft operating systems and eventually most of them will upgrade to Vista. If this "Vista issue" is the turning point in Lavasoft's standing with the computer world (and it's really starting to look like it) then Lavasoft will see there sales drop like a rock in a lake. Like millions of other people, I have lost $22.95 attempting to upgrade the Ad-Aware that I have been usuing for 3 years. I even UNINSTALLED my previous version of Ad-Aware (the free one) thinking this was the problem but it was'nt. Now my Vista operating system will not install ANY version of Ad-Aware so I am compelled to use a product OTHER THAN Lavasoft whether I like it or not. I don't like it. I like Ad-Aware and I have used it over 1000 times in the last 3 years and now if I want to check my computer for spyware I am compelled to go to Lavasoft's competition even though I don't want to Please don't tell me "it's your problem and not the vendor's". This is P.T. Barnum's logic. Considering the fine reputation Lavasoft has cultivated over the past years it is now THEIR problem. I am not the only person who has lost money to Lavasoft. There are millions of others and the list keeps growing. It's easy to see that a lot of Lavasoft employees, who think they are well-situated now, will soon experience what it is like to be laid off from a job unless their employers resolve this petty communication squabble with Microsoft. Don't bother replying to this post as I won't be back. I've had enough disappointment from Lavasoft and it's "forum". Have a nice day!
  2. I like this website very much and I think you are all wonderful people for solving other people's computer problems, however, I find disturbingly very little info concerning WINDOWS VISTA on this site. I have an ACER Aspire E380 computer and I cannot run Ad-Aware SE PLUS after I just bought it!! I can download any Ad-Aware program but as soon as I begin to install it I get a warning box that says "FATAL ERROR + Installation ended prematurely because of an error." I've tried to login to Lavasoft Support but not only does the site NOT recognize my password, but it fails to send any hint or assistance to my E-mail box!!!! Again, I can find very little info regarding WINDOWS VISTA. What I do find does not refer to my specific problem. Please help me with this......