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  1. Why does Adwatch literally take from 5-10 minutes to load on my computer's start up ?
  2. Try to reinstall your Ad-Aware 2007 Pro. I have deleted and reinstalled my AdAware 2007 Plus at least half a dozen times. Each time it seems to correct problems I was having . Anyways best of luck to you .
  3. They will reply. I received help from them within 2 or 3 days after sending an e mail with the problem I was having.
  4. It took 7 months but I was finally able to register. So for the rest of you out there don't give up. I got help within 48 hours from the staff at Lavasoft once they were made aware of my problem. They issued me a new serial number since my old one was not being recognized for some reason.
  5. Attempting to register or to upgrade always gets me the following message ""Serial Number entered appeared invalid " despite my having a valid serial number and hardware fingerprint. I think that I am registered never the less however I cannot upgrade if i wanted to because of this .
  6. If you check you'll find that 99% of the time it's Internet Explorer or what ever other browser you use that AdWatch is reporting making these (normal ) changes.
  7. For some reason I find that every time I reinstall adaware 2007 it seems to work better. Why would that be so ? Every time I reinstall it seems to work out some "bugs" from the previous installation.
  8. What exactly is RegShield and where or who is attempting all these changes to my computer that AdWatch has detected 768 so far ? This detection has only started since I reinstalled AdAware and AdWatch began to function properly after that.
  9. I just checked and ad watch is actually blocking cookies now that I have re installed whereas before it wasn't.
  10. Try reinstalling ad aware if you are having any problems. I know it has worked for me on a number of problems I have encountered such as not being able to update new available software .You have to stop running ad aware first before being able to download. I have had to re install numerous times to fix "bugs" that I have encountered, try it, you won't be sorry, it worked for me . Go to start -execute- type services.msc then click on stop AAW services BEFORE you attempt to re install or otherwise the re installation will fail.
  11. What is the difference between a "definitions file update" ( which I can do ) and a "software update" which doesn't happen when I click on "yes," that I want to go to the software update for ad aware 2007 plus ?
  12. When it says that "new software is available, do you want to go to the download page" I click on "Yes" and nothing happens ?
  13. What is the difference between Definitions File Update ( which I can do ) and Software Updates (which I can't do ) ?