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  1. I am trying to change my email address. I login successfully, type in the new email, and save it. The confirmation is sent to my old email. I then click on the "CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE NEW EMAIL" tag in that email. Next time I attempt to login to Adaware the new email address does not work but the old email does. Is there a reason the validation is sent to my old email? What am I missing?

    1. CeciliaB


      Hi meanmac, You've already received an answer. Please don't ask more persons. No one here has access to the internal database systems of Adaware software.

  2. Please remove your ID as you will be spammed!!!!!!!
  3. Cecilia, sorry my bad - I should have mentioned SYNC in CHROME.
  4. Just a thought - do you have 'SYNC' switched 'on'? If so , this may be your problem.
  5. Try this link please. https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/license_renewal @CeciliaB, FYI.
  6. Try wetransfer and send link to CeciliaB in a Personal Message. https://wetransfer.com/
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    How to grow the result scan window ? It is not possible to read the path of menace type !

  7. I concur with your problem. Receive the same result on Google Chrome as well.
  8. Cecilia, I am aware of the Release 8 Update 25 but the application I use for my diabetes reading have not updated to that version yet.
  9. Latest version of Java is Release 7 Update 71. You can find it on this link http://www.java.com/en/ . I suggest you save this link as Java is updated every 3 months. But if you don't need it uninstall any old versions as Cecilia suggested.
  10. David, read the instructions again. The first thing you must do is to show "Hidden Files". From there on you will be able to create the MSI zip file. Remember to reverse the steps so as the hide the files again.
  11. Cecilia, there is nothing in the box.
  12. Don't answer that email. I strongly suspect it is spam!!!!!! I have notified Cecilia who will look into this.
  13. Save your screen shot as a jpg file and attach it. Make sure you click on reply to give you another blank screen with more reply options.
  14. Try left clicking on the file(s) then right click on "Run as administrator'. That should fix your problem.