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  1. I am surprised you have had no answer to this post. I will try to help you out as much as possible. Why are you trying to un-install AAW SE? It gets automatically un-installed when you install AAW 2007. Did you receive an email with a serial number at all? Have a look at the attached text file. Are you able to log into LS Home page >Support Centre>Support? Also download AAW 2007 FREE as all versions use the same master file (17.3 Mb). The registration number just unlocks the extra features. Awaiting your response.
  2. It should show a little box "send email" or something to that effect. That will email the serial number to you. If not, send an email to tech support.
  3. Korab, when you installed the AAW 2007 PLUS it asked you if you agreed to the terms of installation. Did you read those terms? It states you are allowed to install only one version on a PC unless you have multiple licenses. To install it on other machines with the same license number is plain stealing and breaking the law. Tread carefully as this software is a lot more sophisticated. I know as I tested it in BETA for about 6 months.
  4. Curmudgeon, I honestly feel for you and have been following all your posts. There is one thing I am unable to comprehend - did or do you ever take a full system backup on DVD/CDs? If not why not? I take two full backups a week onto another hard drive and an incremental backup daily using Norton Save and Restore and once every 14 days a full backup onto DVDs using Norton Ghost version 3. I now have 5 full backups on DVDs stored away in a safe. I have not spent a fortune for the backup software. I have had to do full system restores many a time with no problems. I am not a commercial user of PCs but have been using them for many a year - like since 1979. I have now installed AAW 2007 Plus on this PC and since today AdWatch 2007 is running as well. I have carried out a Smart Scan, Full Scan and a Custom Scan without any problems. It has destroyed no files at all and I am feeling quite safe with the new software. I must add that I was involved in BETA testing it since beginning 2007. edited to correct spelling at 22.26 EST (AUSTRALIA)
  5. If you have only one (1) license key you are entitled to install it on only one (1) machine. You are able to install the FREE edition on the other two machines. I hope that answers your question.
  6. Me again. I found all the tools and extensions etc. on a CD I had stored away in my safe. Sorry to have posted the previous.
  7. Mulakem, hang off changing to the Ad-Aware 2007. Being a novice, I would strongly suggest holding off and keep using the AAW SE till the new version settles down.
  8. Thanks for that, Corrine. Do you know whether the tools and extensions are still available? Yes, I often take a walk in your garden and find it very useful.
  9. sweets, I think what he trying to say is if you wish to change your homepage click on accept. That is how I changed mine. Spike will be back on the air in about 9 hrs from now as it is 1.30 am in NZ and 11.30 pm here in Australia.
  10. Rest assured LS are working like crazy. Possibly that is why you have not received an answer. AAW SE is still available as a download. I found it on C/NET ( www.download.com ). I am still running AAW SE PLUS. By doing a custom install of AAW 2007 I had a choice of leaving AAW SE Plus installed. This was not pointed out anywhere that I was aware of - it was by pure chance I found out. Sorry I am unable to help you further.
  11. I am only running the FREE version at the moment and you do NOT need a serial number for that. Serial number is only required for PLUS and PRO. It should show FREE in the bottom right hand corner. Please check this.
  12. AAW 2007 does not support VISTA at this stage. It has been mentioned quite a few times on the forums. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?s...ost&p=43038 Read the above link. Sorry I was unable to help you further.
  13. sweets, just activate ADWATCH from your desktop - then click on auto to and automatic and just leave them set as per screen shot (Green and Red). It will now start automatically when you start up PC. I have mine set this way and am now able to change homepage if required.
  14. Mark912, I am sure LS will appreciate a posting like you have entered.
  15. I think LS are doing things as fast as possible. Maybe you do not realize that it was a complete program rewrite not just an upgrade. I have been beta testing for them since early in the year. I am also awaiting the PLUS upgrade. So please give them a fair go. Patience is a virtue.
  16. Thanks, Spike. One more problem solved for me, I hope.
  17. I believe it will be available 3rd or 4th quarter 2007. Please check forum postings by searching on "VISTA"
  18. They will keep updating till such time that AAW 2007 is compatible with Vista. I believe this will be some time later this year.
  19. The old version of SE is still available. Try googling for it. I believe CNET still have it up.