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  1. I would be very interested what you had to buy. Lavasoft would be interested as well. Please post a reply and I will pass it on. Thank you.
  2. I believe it will still be supported for at least 6 months. Not at this stage. Hope that answers your questions.
  3. Godders, from memory it did state 'User Canceled' or something like it in the beta version.
  4. Glad to see you found the 'Customize Installation' option. It can be a bit of a trap.
  5. If you have had no problems before this may answer your question. The server is possibly overloaded due to a new release of AAW (Anniversary Edition). The bandwidth on any web site will only allow a maximum allowable users at any one time. You may also receive a message asking you if you wish to upgrade. Hope this answers your question.
  6. If you are running AAW 2008 that is quite normal. I have the same. If you decide to upgrade to AAW Anniversary it will be different as the whole GUI (interface ) is different as is the engine that drives it. Hope that answers your question.
  7. It depends what you mean by 'loading definitions'. Is it doing an update or commencing a scan? Please clarify.
  8. Did you try a 'Custom' install? That should give you the option to choose the folder.
  9. Have a look through these links I searched on. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?a...ighlite=%2B5002 Hopefully the answer will be there.
  10. I have sent you a PM. Check your PM inbox. Yes, I live in the same timezone as you. They are awake in Europe now. Written at 22.10 EDST.
  11. AAW 2008 is now version with definitions version 000144.
  12. Threatwork is part of the Lavasoft AAW 2008 package. If you go to Start>All Programs>Lavasoft>AdAware you will find Threatwork there.
  13. They are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just give it a couple more days then post again. I will then pass your post on.
  14. Sorry, I have never had this problem. Unfortunately Support staff are the only persons who are able to help you. Most of us are only unpaid volunteers and answering questions like this and trying to fix problems for persons using the Free version of AAW. Maybe they are all snowed under in more ways than one. I hear the weather is very cold in Europe.
  15. Send an email to support at lavasoft dot com. Explain to them exactly what happened. If you can remember the old rego number and hardware finger print and the new finger print they should send you a new registration number. That is the only way you are able to obtain a new rego number for a rebuilt PC. You are entitled to 24/7 support as you are a paid up customer. Please post back if you have any problems and I will try to escalate it for you.
  16. It seems your original problem is fixed. You now seem to have another problem. If you are going to post a hijack log there is a proper place to lodge these. Please post it in the 'HijackThis Logs' forum as we can't handle these here.
  17. No, you are not doing it correctly. Search for the old 'core.aawdef' file because that is the one you have to replace. If it is running under XP the file is a 'hidden file' under 'c\documents and settings\all users\application data\lavasoft\ad-aware'. Do you know how to display 'hidden' files? If it running Vista I am not sure where the 'core.aawdef' file is located but I can find out for you. The new 'core.aawdef' file is dated 30 or 31 Dec 2008 from memory. Hope this all makes sense. Post back with results please.
  18. What O/S are you running and what is the name of the file you are trying to replace? It should be 'core.aawdef'.
  19. There is a problem between the two programs. Lavasoft are aware of this and will probably be fixed in AAW 2009. So you can either ditch the Endpoint or AAW software. Sorry, I have raised this numerous times with LS but still no fix.
  20. You must replace the 'defs.ref' file with Ad-Aware closed. Why are you still running AAW SE? What O/S are you running?
  21. If this has occurred after the last M$ updates, please read this link. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=22364
  22. It is compatible. Read the link I have posted. http://www.lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php
  23. Jeanné, do a custom install and select another drive other then 'C'. This goes for any other software you want to install. Hope that helps.
  24. It is an error in AAW 2008 and occurs when 'antivir2.def' file is updated. Ad-Watch will shut down eventually and you will have to manually restart it. Lavasoft are aware of the problem and should be fixed in the next release of Ad-Aware.