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  1. I should have looked more carefully at the image of your Protection Bar: The image has an icon that is so close to a "dead ringer" for Ad-Watch that I thought I was seeing something I did not see in Beta 6 or 7 of Ad-Aware. Please take a look at the post from Propel--but before you use any of the tools in that site, I would check the Support Forum (use the "search" feature for removal of the ZLOB trojan. One of the Volunteer Security Advisors (sorry I can't tell you his name off the top of my head) has posted some outstanding, step-by-step instructions for removal of ZLOB and its variants (I have read his posts and instructions even though I blessedly have not had a SLOB infection)--these volunteers REALLY know malware and how to get rid of it! I apologize for inadvertently leading you to believe you were looking at an Ad-Aware Internet Explorer "add-in"--while I'm no expert on malware, it would appear your computer is infected. Somewhere I am connecting a recollection of reviewing information in which I believe that "SpyDoctor" may be part of the spyware/malware programs to be avoided. If you see SpyAxe on your computer--you DEFINITELY are infected! I note with regret that you have an "expired subscription" to Norton (I'm assuming you mean Norton Anti-Virus (NAV)--you may want to start by going to Symantec's web-based virus detection program and running it. A caution: Having used the web-based Symantec anti-viral scanner, it does take some time--it might be something (depending on the number of files on your computer's drive) that you would want to start and leave running when you go to bed (my NAV takes about 9 hours to completely scan 2-40Gb HDs and a 300 Gb USB backup drive). The process is slowed down when the scanner is being run through the Internet. However, I DO definitely recommend that, whether you use Norton or any of the other AV programs which are recommended by any of the Volunteer Security Advisors, you ALWAYS keep your definitions updated and current. If you are still having problems after trying an anti-viral scan, I note that some of LS's Volunteer Security Advisors also regularly post on the Support Forums for However, I believe you will find your answer in one or more of the existing topics in LS's Support Forum. I look forward to seeing your reply post. Best regards, Jerry
  2. Hello tombar: Just wanted you to know that the AAW 2007 beta testers are looking at your post. Will you please let us know by posting a reply which includes whether or not you were using Ad-Watch from SE Pro for real-time protection before you uninstalled it to install Free? Can you navigate to Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/LavaSoft/Logs for uploading a couple of your logs? Please understand that I personally am not an expert at Ad-Aware (although I really have appreciated having SE Pro on my computers), but there are some beta testers who were beta testing long before the 2007 beta went into Public Beta testing release, and they TRULY ARE experts in how AAW 2007 functions. You should find a log with a date and time stamp on it which has a double file type "Ad-Aware [date] [time].log.xml" I believe you can copy this log file (Windows should rename it as "Copy of Ad-Aware [date] [time] log.xml". If you rename the file by delting the ".xml" from the file name, it can be uploaded as a *.log file. This may be helpful in trying to understand what occurred when you had your unhappy experience. While testing both Public Betas 6 and 7, I personally saw no posts from any beta tester who had anything close to an equivalent experience as you just went through--not that this information will make you feel any better about the 12 hours of reconstruction with NSR--but to let you know that we DO care and wish to be of as much assistance to you as is possible. You may receive other replies from the more experienced volunteer security advisors or LS staff memberswhich request additional uploads of some of the other logs--if so, please follow their requests precisely, step-by-step. We look forward to your additional posts--thank you for your time! Regards, Jerry
  3. It looks like you selected the option to have Ad-Aware integrate with Internet Explorer when you installed the program. If your goal is to remove the Protection Bar to save screen space, or simply because you do not wish to see it, click on "View" in the menu bar (third from the left), select "Toolbars"--it should be the first option in the drop-down menu, and unclick (removes the checkmark) by Ad-Aware. That should cause the Protection Bar to disappear from view. You state you have IE7 installed--will you please check by clicking on the "Help" in the Menu Bar and click on "About Internet Explorer"? The "About Internet Explorer" should be the last item in the drop-down menu. Please post back to let us know how your computer is doing. Even though you are not familiar with SP2, we all recommend that you have your Windows "Automatic Updates" turned on (you can check by clicking "Start" then "Control Panel" and then clicking on "Automatic Updates") and regularly use your "Tools" menu, and going down the drop-down menu to "Windows Update." Raziel and I look forward to hearing back from you. Regards, Jerry
  4. Instead of clicking on the link which Raziel provided you, try using the address bar to type in: The full title of the Knowledge Base article is: "Deleting a Group Policy Object Removes Links for Other Active Directory Containers" Make sure to print off a copy of the Knowledge Base article and follow the instructions step by step. If the Knowledge Base article refers you to other, related KB articles, I recommend you click on the links provided and print those articles as well. I, too, am not a techie, but have found that when I followed this procedure, I was able to straighten out an OS problem without the necessity of a paid Tech Support call to Microsoft. Please post back to let us know if you have further questions and how your computer is doing! Thanks, Raziel, for pointing Schwegangig in the right direction! Regards, Jerry
  5. I hope the forum members reading through these posts will take Steffo's advice without disabling NIS--her approach is what worked for the beta testers who have NIS installed on their systems. Ever since I configured the communication path to allow the NIS firewall to allow access from my system to the secure server site (outgoing connection), my "SSL Download Failed" error message never reappeared, the Defs file update worked, and Update Manager always reported when component updates were available for download and installation. Thanks for your posts, Steffo! Regards - Jerry
  6. Hang on to your hats, folks! I can empathize with resource-hog complaints: NO ONE LIKES A RESOURCE HOG! My personal experience with Beta 7 (I worked with Beta 6 and 7) never had the SERVICE using up 79 Mb of resources! I suspect that there may be a configuration change (without disabling the real-time protection of Ad-Watch) which will alleviate your current situation(s) and concern(s). I checked the link provided by LS CalamityJane--read all the posts--and assure you that LS Tobias is a top-flight system tweaker where Ad-Aware 2007 is concerned. Stay tuned in, try uploading a screen shot of Process Viewer (available from Sysinternals on the MS site [i think the beta testers forum link went to MS' Tech download site, but I presently do not recall]--otherwise check in the Support Forum topic, and your help WILL come! Regards--and thanks for your patience!
  7. Hi Mark912! Some of us have been "down in the trenches" helping the Project Management and its incredible on and off-site moderators/volunteers during the beta testing of Ad-Aware 2007. The new scan engine is incredible. Many of the beta testers have a commercial version of Ad-Aware--Plus and Pro were commonly mentioned--and as Oldfrog notes, the Ad-Watch module (not available in the freeware version of Ad-Aware) provides OUTSTANDING real-time protection. I transferred to a commercial version after I spent a VERY long night on a PAID tech support call with a large well-known company's high-level technical gurus who were having me run "black magic juju" programs that were 'way over my head in terms of my understanding of the mechanics of the Windows registry, threads, and their priorities (but take a look at the "View New Posts" to see what some of the Volunteer Security Staff can show you about "HiJackThis" and "Smitfraud"), but SE Personal not only found the malware the paid tech call could not eliminate, but it told me exactly where to find it and how to eliminate it. That sold me--right away! Ad-Watch takes a little bit of time to get used to--I am not really a techie--but it is fairly intuitive in its operation and requested user input choices. Since I have been running Ad-Watch, all of my computers have been mal/spyware free for MONTHS (which is why I chose to become a beta tester--I used SE Personal for a number of years). Read the Lavasoft newsletters, look at the product descriptions and new features--and know that the LS staff, its incredible moderators, security volunteers, and a new group of 2007 beta testers, will be here to be of whatever assistance we can be. I know you will find the right version of the 2007 program which will fit both your needs and your budget! Regards, Jerry