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  1. I also have BPS spyware and adaware remover, which was recommended by a computer shop. He told me, he has the best luck with this one. I also have Xoftspy SE, which he also recommended. He has told me that you need 2-3 spyware and adaware remover to make sure you get everything.
  2. I run my spyware every night and Ad-awareSE is always the 1st one I run and it only picks up the other spyware. The other spyware that I have picks up on the bad stuff like trojans, worms and all the other bad stuff you can get and I run those 2nd. I would think that Ad-aware SE the purchased version would pick on all of this bad stuff first. Why doesn't it? Operating system - xp Adaware SE Plus - build 1.06r1.