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  1. This is what it says on the lavasoft website Integrated real-time process protection blocks malicious processes and infected programs that try to start or run on your system, to prevent them from further integration in your system. I belive that it uses a mixture of heuristics and a know bad list to block processes that are thought to be malicious so that they dont install themselfs and other bits onto the computer. Its not an antivirus
  2. strange I am running 64bit version and have not had this at all. what other security software are you running.
  3. alright in that case you are entitled to support direct from lavasoft please go http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/
  4. sorry i meant pro plus or free version of adaware
  5. have answerd in the other thread http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=24719 so will lock this one. Please post anyproblems you have in that thread.
  6. Hum what os and which version of adaware? It looks like it may well be worth a look at this post by CalamityJane http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?s...st&p=100382 I do just have to say you make changes to your registry at your own risk.
  7. can you tell me your operating system and the version of adawre your runnning please
  8. what version of adaware are you using? also what operating system and could you provide details as to what other security software you are using. thanks
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server To be honest if you don't know what it is you probably don't need it. have you tried running the update from the start menu? Oh and if you could please tell me which version of adaware AE you are using.
  10. which version of adaware are you using free , pro or plus? Also which operating system. Sounds like the icon your clicking is the install file. you didnt prehaps delete the shortcut by accident thinking you were deleting the install file? see if you can start adaware using the start menu should be under lavasoft.
  11. Give this ago Please use the instructions below. For a 32bit operating system. Go to, (the default installed location) C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\drivers\32 Right click on the 'lbd.inf' file and choose install, reboot the computer. For a 64bit operating system. Go to, (the default installed location) C:\Program Files(x86)\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\drivers\64 Right click on the 'lbd.inf' file and choose install, reboot the computer. Hopefull that will work
  12. im running both without any problems as are many people. What version of adaware are you using free? or one of the paid for ones?
  13. I belive that it does actually tell you what it is on the threatwork window. Its also explained in the help manual.
  14. were you trying to run the two versions together?
  15. I assume that means its now working. In that case I'm going to lock this thread now should you need futher assistance with this issue please pm me or another mod so we can unlock it for you.
  16. Yes the paid for version does have antivirus capability's which can be turned on or off in the settings its on as default i belive. which paid for version do you have plus or pro? Oh and as you have a paid for version of adaware you can get support directly from lavasoft via the support center http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/
  17. Thank you kheldan. Im gonna lock this thread please pm me or any of us VM's if you require it to be reopened.
  18. We don't earn anything from lavasoft mores the pity Just don't have anything better to do I can certainly understand your anxiety's. The manual for AE is actually pretty comprehensive and well written from what I have read, and the support link is well situated on the main screen so anyone in need of help is only a few clicks away. Its must be very hard to make this sort of program as easy to use as possible but also as effective as possible too and apart from one major bug that as godders say was fixed quickly and effected a small amount of people [yes even that small amount was too many] There really isn't anything more to worry about than any other program in its field.
  19. looks like it was adaware. Also looks like the program is sitting in quarantine. If you are sure they are clean Open up adaware click scan and click the quarantine tab you should be able to restore the files from there.
  20. hello Gortie1 As you have a payed for license you are entitled to personal tech support from lavasoft please go to http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/ Also if for some reason you do want help here could you please create your own topic it means that we can get to you and help as quick as possible. Thanks
  21. What operating system are you on? Also when you say that you cant get it to launch do you mean the installer or is it installed but just wont run.
  22. hopefully this will help you - If you want to run Ad-Watch Live! but find that the tray application clutters your taskbar, use the "Hide taskbar icon" setting. - If you don't want Ad-Aware and the tray application to start automatically, disable Ad-Watch Live! and neither the service or the tray application will start the next time you reboot. - To shutdown Ad-Aware AE when you're done scanning and don't want to keep Ad-Watch Live! active, right click on the tray application and select "Exit Ad-Aware" to shutdown both the service and the tray application.
  23. looks like casey made a slight error as filehippo doesnt seem to be on the offical list. I will check this out thought. I however do trust it personally but like any mirror site you use at your own risk and to make sure that you all do get the latest safest version we recommend that you ONLY get Adaware from official sources which you can find Here http://lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php. Im not too sure what you mean about thread locking. We do try and keep the place as tidy as possible so that we can get to new people as quickly as possible.