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  1. i put it in screen of couse was 600x800 i couldnt see half the GUI i couldnt minimize couldnt get to desktop couldnt get to taskbar to turn computer off whole GUI cover EVERYTHING on screen
  2. well doesnt matter now as stated the GUI WAY too big in 600x800 mode
  3. ok then i guess NOT for me my XP handles my 600x800 and anything smaller i can hardly see w my vission issues
  4. hi just tested 1o.5 the GUI TOO big my screen on my xp is 600x800 but the GUI now SO big i cant do anything on desktop or do anything on computer and cant turn computer off making res smaller helps but w my sight i cant see anything is there way use your prog in 600x800 if not i cant use it
  5. hi i noticed now issue 1 NEW adaware lets you set coustom instalation will it now let me run it w norton wo issues 2 i went w new spybot bc of issue 1 but can i run both adaware 10 and NEW adaware 2.1 and is it recomended for both i also have malware bytes
  6. so i can put it back in so i can start again
  7. is 9x still suported ? or is it all 10 now if someone got it from file hippo
  8. Agreed yes i always say USE SOME AV if not norton use a free one a free one is better than NONE same w adaware since the 10 has a av i have no use for it bcf it nags i have norton, SB SD and malwarebytes better than NONE adaware not for me at this time its like religion if ppl believe jesus for them GREAT im jewish, Hes NOT for me pick one YOU feel is RIIGHT for YOU
  9. i agree Adaware is ONE mmy favs and MOST recomended if a new version gets released that doesnt lock out my AV ill be very interested seeing how works
  10. i pulled it i put spybot in DESKTOP - ADAWARE 1 hr hangs up computer laptop 45 min SB SD DESKTOP 10 min LAPTOP 30 min NO hang ups
  11. [quote] I should remove Ad-Aware from my computers.[/quote] six did u pull it out
  12. i said IF iIF its determined to stop crash i need go w 10 or IF i need reinstall to fix it or IF i have get next 9x
  13. xp here and 3 norton ill tell u what IF i have to upgrade to 10 FORGET IT im pulling this out IF i have reinstall 9.8 OR a PATCHED FORGET IT im going pull it out
  14. ok kids heres the picture THIS TIME it CRASHED 3x in a row w 3 alerts wo updating it was idle
  15. ya seemed start AFTER nag screen this 2nd momth i got the nag but it did it this month w the crash u think its -9x is out ya i said remind later
  16. when crashes again ill post the picture odd thing its not crashing it doesnt send the crash screen send to ms it closes restarts after update
  17. if i have do that ill prob just go w my other program since i was going pull it when 9 runs out
  18. every time i run live update it updates and a screen says PROGRAM CLOSED UNEXPETIVLY OK/ CANCEL i finish update then it restarts so i can scan is 9x dying
  19. ok i did search but ok is there way keep if from nagging every month
  20. i forgot were post was but why is is 10x nagging to upgrade again i marked DO NOT remind it started again