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  1. i got that to this evening i dont have anythat stuff both the forum and the check server wasnt working i got the message w adaware and url timed out its ok now but i notice sometimes forum takes while load pages
  2. adwatch wont run in free its disabled in free just run the free
  3. ok i think heres the deal you NEEDweb update at 10 i just woke up and it crashed on 6 so it NEEDS be above a WEEK with this the pop up pops when the days run down i have tried adjusting the dates where most time there is a red x i thought 6 would work but it also crashes so set it to 10 then it should work
  4. oops i was wrong you NEED it at 10 i just woke up and it crashed on 6 so it NEEDS be above a WEEK
  5. actually i found out any day LESS then 6 crashes so it MUST BE 6 -10 or that warning pops up i tryed 5 and it crashes then set 6 it fixed it
  6. do u meen after 5 days ill get x again unless i go to 10 days
  7. if u got free install it its FREE if register pops up click close/ignore
  8. thx i set to 6 works GREAT i guess 3 confuses it OMG thx for tip ill live w 5 odd it doesn't like 3 but likes 5 thats only 2 day difference
  9. yup that it seems if i set it to 3 days D*mn red x shows up and verify crashes i guess i need keep 10 if i set your picture to 3 jane i get this no i ment the statup of adaware 7 like how 12 13 used to pop up when it started its anoying check manually any why do i get this w 3 days
  10. isnt .15 supposed to have that popup on start up we all asking bout this tobis hasnt responded yet we set the popup to show but it seems only when u manual check isnt the popup check supposed be there on startup
  11. tobis is 15 supposed check on start up the pop up only seems manual
  12. i got red x again why does keep corrupting dl defs dont work its like every month it conks out
  13. yup only when you manually check and its a pain can we add a ON OFF for show dont show pop at startup
  14. try this it pops on manual check not on start up i dont know it says check on start up
  15. ok but its not doing it when system starts up i still have manually check how do i set pop when adw is activated like .13 manually check on start up doesn't display anything is it supposed to pop or only if aval id like see a pop re added on start off X Check mark see check on start up but i dont see anything pop
  16. exactly whats going on i thought pop up be enabled w new release
  17. hmm update 15 doesnt show pop ups just a rectangle was pop up re added how i turn it on ok i set pop but how do i show pop auto on start instead of guessing like 13
  18. where is the alert pop up for setting pop up preferences was it added for defs avalable all i see is a rectangle getting infomation please wait and nothing happens i dont see a activate deactivate
  19. im waiting for .15 i want pop ups back
  20. any estemated time of arival for this version gatta have my pops :angry:
  21. i pmed tobias even he never replied and a thread i opened i would keep it at 13 bc i like it better and update defs only
  22. back to 13 2nd time? i haven't gotten that yet so u gotten the 13 2x now?