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  1. yw im a softwere techy ill run my 9x too until its done
  2. LOL NO THIS computer i built has 2 GIGS (main w norton) lappy has 1 gig w MS antivirus ya lappy was used i bought it w 400megs IT WAS HORIBLE had to upgrade it
  3. try this [url=""]http://www.filehippo...eb414281abe1fb/[/url] it will ask to dl the exe [url=""][/url] MAIN SITE CLICK GREEN DL ARROW
  4. ok my lapy only has 1 Gig RAM so ADAWARE way slow for it MY main computer i built has 2 and when i re build my old XP to a 7 by that tiime prob be over 4 LOL so ill put adaware oin that one til 9 is out
  5. ok np its too heavy on my laptop so i put SB on to ty it and if 10 doesnt let me use my norton when ever 9 is pulled ill go for now main compy has adaware 9 still
  6. OK TY as for 9 how long is the ticking clock till it wont update anymore
  7. hi i looked looked ALL over net and only 10 seems be listed i have the 9 insttaller i guess ill keep it until 9 is unable be used
  8. i wonder how long 9 can be used until it wont let me use it as 9 i might go elsewere like SB im testing SB on lappy wonder if its lighter on resources
  9. ok ty guess if new versions DONT let me bypass this its by bye IF new versions let u use your av ill try it
  10. well at least for now i cant install ANYTHING bc its nagging me to take norton out- and i CANT install or hit NEXT wo uninstalling and i DO NOT want to do that so uness there way to avoid this im not sure how to install ideas also when i update it updates or sometimes says downloading/applying patch nothing happens i dont see ALREADY UPDATED
  11. will i be able to install 10 wo it nagging to uninstall norton w that version
  12. its newest version NO I DO NOT want to uninstall norton i CANT go NEXT bc it keeps asking to uninstall
  13. when i install it asks NORTON IS HERE do u wish to uninstall so what i do
  14. ok now it updated its def as for 10 when 9 expires im out
  15. hi guys im getting a nag screen on 9 to upgrade to 10 but 10 wants me to take norton out i DONT want to is 9 done now or can i keep using it also i hit update it looks like its going update something disappears and resets program i get install or download 2009 build 150-5932 nothing doiwnloads or installs last install is 5 11 2012 0150 0832
  16. every time i see Home shopping they say ohhhhh VIPRE SOO good u buy it once u never need do annual subscriptions its WONDERFUL\\is it true just nonsence
  17. ya i dont need vipre btw deano i hear about vipre on hsn w computers constantly like oh its sooo good u never need subscribe again blaaaa how good is it REALLY
  18. that v answered my question no thx to 10 bye bye
  19. 1 how long can we use use 9 for its bnot being discontinued? 2 as for norton i want norton to keep ALL its functions ON can i run it in full mode after i install after deactivating it at install
  20. i have norton and its asking to uninstall it how i use 10 then i dont wanna remove norton