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  1. questions 1 how long can i keep using 9x bc its asking remove norton no thank youi not interested in that i want keep my own and will 9 ask to upgrade or can i keep using 9 or is it discontinued
  2. are we still broke it says updated 0150.0681 but its been from friday
  3. idk how thats possible i couldn't update for day or 2 i never updated since oh well
  4. why mine keep saying up to date
  5. mine now says ALREADY UP TO DATE for 2 days now is this same iissue as above
  6. why there no updates since thurs/fri are we lucky or is none needed now update button says no updates
  7. ya prob server issues funny as it resolved software upgraded
  8. i updated software at 7p it seems ok now
  9. i dont know whats happening i cant update it says cant conect to server check conection and adaware exe. i downloaded zip odd thing is i have no lavasoft folder in %appdata%
  10. lava is too heavy on my laptop it has 1 core 1 gig ram i put ms in bc was lighter then avg and adaware is too heavy on my computer
  11. well i have norton on here and ms on laptop w adaware off both id like put SOMETHING on if i cant put adaware on
  12. anyone try alternatives? -like malwarebites or something better
  13. ya i used update laptop mon wed fri so was 20-40 my parents computer was NEVER run so i might just pull it out i pulled it off laptop runs load fast now
  14. i remember 8 was smaller pulse updates like norton trying to download 40 updates is ridiculous it be easier as smaller pulses
  15. this happened before that yesterday the updater hung waiting forever for updates and the zip was courupted i used it w norton on here fine just sems laptop w less ram and stuff is pain
  16. ah ok well my questions are 1 for my needs is there either a lighter anti mailware for my laptop and which 2 if i stay w adaware how i keep it from bogging down on my 1 gig ram and 30 gig hhd just updating seems having it hang 8 was better w small pulse updates
  17. its not installed anyway, what about ms security essentials i put that in after pulling avg. i use ms se for antivirus my laptop 1 gig ram and xp its just progs like avg and adaware are hogging my laptop so if not fixed ill look for lighter solution
  18. yup i dont even have it on this new computer and last night i pulled it off my laptop it takes up resources updates take too long i pulled avg off laptop for ms esenterals i heard malware bytes is good
  19. when i ht update mine to 9,02 SITS SITS SITS on update/waiting is this same issue where can i dl the zip for updates i tried zip it says corrupted