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    ok cool visitor it used be smaller pulse updates like norton but like today i woke up and there were 51! i thought pulse ment smaller
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    i didnt know where ask this but is 9.0 going back to pulse updates or ALLbecause my 8 usually says 16 updates to 50 it takes forever yup dates same like pulse was better
  3. yaa TY how i get these ads out here its in my typing area
  4. [url=""][/url] helo this update page is acting weird i cant get zip or instructions
  5. hi today when i hit update it goes into update mode as usual then updater disappears and adaware splash screan resets and comes back on NO up to date or anything i cant find how to manualy update i dont see the zip on the download page now it updates core but when i hit update it updates over over again CAN I GET RID OF THIS banner its right over typing box the manual updater isnt working it still shows 10/9/10 NOW it updated anyone having this issue
  6. 2 points 1 UPDATES ARE HORRIBLE i had 22 this morning im on xp makes my computer run like 98 i cant get anything done it was better as pulse update 2 where on this new forum gui is MARKED as READ i liked the old vb better how i fix undaate
  7. is there a new engine i never remember it 3 times a day it says APPLYING UPDATE jhxljfj.en86i8.sbr.sgn or something and its not quick pulse its a longer download are theres released few times a day? whats sbr.sbn
  8. i use norton can u have both? also
  9. ya mine updated some updates 3 times today with .sgn as extension whats this meen mine says 7 8 10 010004
  10. i upgraded but my adwatch disabled w 8.2.4 FIXED had to UNINSTALL EVERYTHING then REINSTALL anyone know why
  11. its fri june 4 here i cant update or any major updates/upgrades
  12. 1 object found AUTO REMOVED click check to end/DONE 1 found and a RED X (removed
  13. i dont think its lavasoft this happened with norton vista and 7 got updated leaving xp behiend causing crashing ummm there isa FREEE VERSION of adaware
  14. yes please i cant figure if clean or not when it finds anything , casey, does it show for you or remain blank
  15. 0 for no theres NO listing but 82 doesn't say NO OBJECTS FOUND like 81 after scan it just says finish , when i find objects ill repost
  16. YA FIXED!! installed exe updated RUNS GREAT!! 1 question after scanning i never saw info on anything removed or NO OBJECTS Found isnt it supposed say a message? btw NORTON did this in august it released updates for 7 and vista leving xp in cold and crashing it
  17. im confused visitor do we need to hit UPDATE w 814 OR install broken exe (which is fixed) or same exe and update will fix the crashing?
  18. visitor how will we know the fixed version is out if the alert keeps popping up to upgrade will there be a link to download it from /download com? the installer looks same