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  1. [quote]If I remember right, this was discussed before - after update, you must close and reopen Ad-Aware. It's inconvenient, and I think Casey suggested to Lavasoft to change it? Right now, it is necessary to close/reopen so Ad-Aware will load the new definition file.[/quote] when you say REOPEN to do you meen 1, update 2 after it completes closes finishes w splash screen and goes to the main screen after hanging close it again INSTEAD of scanning imedatly 3 wait a bit 4 re open 5 scan finish and exit [quote]It sounds like 3 and 4 would be restarting Ad-Aware twice, which is unnecessary. After update and restart, as long as the new definition file number appears in the GUI, you should be OK.[/quote] after u hit update button doesn't it download components w blue linesthen it shuts down then splash come up which takes forever then you can choose your function
  2. well after it updates software doesn't it automatically restart the splash screen hangs forever i press scan then it freezes i scan and lock up the audo restart doesnt count correct or are u suggesting 1 update 2 wait for splash to stop hanging 3 get to main gui 4 close adaware again 5 scan 6 remove cookies adaware 7 close and exit
  3. when i hit the green target it goes to scan mode and locks up throughout day its fine does it ,mostly on updating
  4. hi all after i update the software , then click SCAN adaware freezes up sometimes computer and i have to do task manager and end the program then it runs fine
  5. ok updated today 11 18 09 the automation w the bars is fixed but the splash is hanging will this be fixed soon its annoying
  6. ODD webstarts manager is ALL GUI there's no manager per se like with a list of seperate urls per picture i had upload the picture in the website place it in as a viewing object then w firefox copy the url ie doesnt work thx
  7. and the hanging? us that reported? i fixed sig some reason its small lol
  8. ok FINALLY an answer Ill fix tag ty Tag FIXED hope this hanging is fixed
  9. i like 811 the scanner has boxes now but when i load adaware it seems to hang on loading BUT this time the services DO work i dk why loading hang here also on desktop the scaning boxes are white all time laptop go from blue to white? help both computers hang but services do start after a long time
  10. there nothing in dependencies top box grey out the remote procedure call isnt here i set AUTOMATIC RESTART SERVICE RESTART SERVICE odd laptop has it YAAA execept for the procedure off annd msconfig not working ITS ON!! afer setting like your pic\ STARTED RIGHT UP why did this happen ty
  11. well it added it But crashed something after it started up so i took the exe out the folder and the services stayed off so didnt matter has something to services not starting thread
  12. i xhecked them but still needs restarting services manually i re installed it on desktop same thing but its not in msconfig start up only in services tab no listing in the tab laptop is fine
  13. idk yet i will know tomorrow when i turn computer on im building a web page to replace geocity
  14. in mscofig its in services not start up ahh laptop marked both ill fix it
  15. i updated all new software upgrades this morning through out day the splash screen starts and fine but if i restart computer or turnseem be ok it on i constantly have go yo CONTROL PANEL- Amin tools and restart the services why IS services having to restart all time now i know there are issue its odd it has to restarted over over this is desktop laptop- seems be ok for now
  16. ok i uninstalled WHOLE program but no files folders i reinstalled fresh and the hanging screen issue the hanging splash screen start services thing crash stayed checked yaayyy and the adwatch turned on mabee issue w thservice crashed messed it up ty
  17. found it thees no install here on right click in menu
  18. this is weird my laptop is fine when i installed it on my laptop which had no start up issues ran fine the desktop was having isues w the startup services thing and desktop is not working and a - in box how i fix this /turn it on
  19. nice new look that is annoying what was causing services to hang and not start? laptop started right up