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  1. [quote]If I remember right, this was discussed before - after update, you must close and reopen Ad-Aware. It's inconvenient, and I think Casey suggested to Lavasoft to change it? Right now, it is necessary to close/reopen so Ad-Aware will load the new definition file.[/quote]

    when you say REOPEN
    to do you meen
    1, update
    2 after it completes closes finishes w splash screen and goes to the main screen after hanging close it again
    INSTEAD of scanning imedatly
    3 wait a bit
    4 re open
    5 scan finish and exit

    [quote]It sounds like 3 and 4 would be restarting Ad-Aware twice, which is unnecessary. After update and restart, as long as the new definition file number appears in the GUI, you should be OK.[/quote]

    after u hit update button
    doesn't it download components w blue linesthen it shuts down

    then splash come up which takes forever
    then you can choose your

  2. i updated all new software upgrades this morning

    through out day the splash screen starts and fine

    but if i restart computer or turnseem be ok it on i constantly have go yo CONTROL PANEL- Amin tools

    and restart the services


    why IS services having to restart all time now

    i know there are issue its odd it has to restarted over over


    this is desktop


    laptop- seems be ok

    for now