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  1. what going on! it gets half done and sitting here! even rar says 47 mins!
  2. ya sits alot waiting on it i "fixed " it idk i tried exe check box thing it sems fix it idk anyone have a solution i also got it while it was upgrading the install
  3. im getting this message i came back later and after it tried install it did it again so nothing installed what do i do
  4. UPDATED! the software updated to 8.03 or whatever it is
  5. odd since laptop has no nerro dooesnt apply i upgraded software and im good
  6. upgrade newest software fixed the ok/not scan issue
  7. im on main computer now - NOW this computer doing it is there fix soon
  8. is it doing it on new computer setups? i looked what do i look under or type in search
  9. i just put ae on my laptop i update and run scan it seams when i restart computer it says scan not yet been performed in red my desktop says OK though why would desktop say i m good to good but laptop i never ran one its a xp sp3 i just updated ran scan shut down restarted said scan not yet performed again help why this saying this
  10. i tryed install 147.0 million times now i keep trying it updates installs resets all it does is old version ok got it going the manual d; is stuck web site not responding
  11. whats new in 8.0.3 it upgraded all kinds of components? and software
  12. did the software update it seemed to updates bunch files
  13. i dont understand purpose of auto update does it update in backgroud or when u open the prog or request sometime update date changes sometimes says none up to date and other times it seems update when i open prog check date like a avg would
  14. i dont uderstand this it says 160 xxx on 1 23 09 and 1 25 09 what exactly updated i thought it was the def files but that was on 23rd is it updating software update or it it the daily date
  15. ya the interface isnt as cool as 07 08 myself have no issues i have xp norton so idk i put it right over 08 no issues it runs great for me so depends on each user so yes its FREE the pay pro activate the AUTO scan scheduler and more featues of adwatch/tool box free has these disabled i also switched bc it quit hanging on splash screen and a scan now 8 mins instead of of 18
  16. nope its FREE i wondered this too bc of adwatch its like 08 w adwatch added free w a different interface PRO PLUS FREE get the free 100% free like 08 free
  17. NO MORE hanging on splash screen scan bout 8 mins
  18. ah i guess it updated it says 146 w 23rd listed but core was manual how come it took forever to update the core