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  1. what about auto updates it always seems i need n manually do it will it animate when updating
  2. is the icon in taskbar by clock for easy access/looks like a AV or does it show auto updates with it invisible i never see anything auto downloaded i posted few threads on the auto updater and having it update manually all time i read stuff on proxy but idk if its my issue
  3. i liked old interface this so grey Maybe combine the 2 i liked shiny blue w that sleek look
  4. i put this in what pass what pass what user name or is my issue different does auto update only work if icon is in tray or both showing and hid
  5. my info when should it update if u look this thread i posted i open AE nothing updates unless i manually do it should it update when ae loads upon every couple hours like norton all components updated /defs update when i manuals do it how i fix it
  6. when should the updater auto update in free version .1 is out but it didnt update untill i manually did it does auto update only work if icon is in tray or both showing and hid
  7. i did my first scan found mailware the pic says registry adwatch has nothing listed what do i do with it
  8. i as most ppl like old interface why was it changed shiny and cool is 08 now discontinued? when is it supposed to upgrade components automatically i opened it today nothing updated untill i hit the updater
  9. is ADAWARE 08 discontinued now are we supporting it anymoe is ae ONLY version now 08 wont stop bugging to upgrade i like but not as shiny as 08 GUI LOADS FAST reminds me of AVG in a way
  10. i think it was tracking cookies w the cookie icons and 2007 and 8 ALWAYS counted to about 150 infections then asked to be removed manually except for occasional infection now w this mini upgrade it counts 0
  11. yup um just wondering u never got this before ok now threes 0 infections what happened what happened all millions cookies i used to show are hone is this bc of mini updates still bit confused
  12. ok why it show 0 it used show cookies and count 100s objects did something change i never saw this before did a setting change w these updates
  13. ok here 0 found UNTIL its over how can it be 0 untill it ends
  14. one last question my mom got new computer and i noticed this w mine it says 0 infections on mine as well as hers i guess i not at her house but the infection counter says 0 until end and it said 2 privacy objects i thought it gave a running total at beginning usually its in 100s w cookies and stuff
  15. is there more then 1 version of 143 it looks like 143.002 3 4 5 6 i go to update but it literally downloads defs in 1 second then says up to date is this because its still 143?
  16. AMD 1 gig ram it worked fine w 07 i updated again still hangs
  17. yes i waited it out bout 2 mins it stopped hanging