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  1. Tonight I installed the latest ( version, and did a smart scan. Indeed it took very long, and I couldn't stop the scan. Had to quit the program. After restarting the scan only took 5 minutes Windows XP SP2 (updated) AAW 2007 pro
  2. At least the last 2 updates (main program) caused a crash. This time (the update to gave this error: Ad-Aware2007.exe (0x0eedfade) on location 0xc812a5b After this the program is restarted and works fine, it's updated. But I think this is not the way it should be. EDIT: I got this from the update log: 31.08.2007 15:10:58: Server type: Professional 31.08.2007 15:11:00: Server type: Professional 31.08.2007 15:11:12: Process is running as administrator 31.08.2007 15:11:12: Updating component(s) selected by GUI 31.08.2007 15:11:12: Downloading : verification successful, 566628 bytes received 31.08.2007 15:11:13: Downloading : verification successful, 2327892 bytes received 31.08.2007 15:11:19: Successfully updated dependency 1 31.08.2007 15:11:19: Downloading : verification successful, 2250116 bytes received 31.08.2007 15:11:22: Successfully updated dependency 8 31.08.2007 15:11:22: Downloading : verification successful, 116708 bytes received 31.08.2007 15:11:23: Successfully updated dependency 35 31.08.2007 15:11:23: Downloading : verification successful, 87396 bytes received 31.08.2007 15:11:23: Successfully updated dependency 37 31.08.2007 15:11:27: Sending terminate event to service aawservice.exe ( aawservice ) 31.08.2007 15:11:27: Sending terminate event to Ad-Aware2007.exe 31.08.2007 15:11:27: Successfully installed dependency 1 31.08.2007 15:11:31: Sending terminate event to Ad-Watch2007.exe 31.08.2007 15:11:31: Successfully installed dependency 8 31.08.2007 15:11:31: Successfully installed dependency 35 31.08.2007 15:11:31: Successfully installed dependency 37 31.08.2007 15:11:33: Restarting service aawservice 31.08.2007 15:11:38: Restarting C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\Ad-Aware2007.exe Grtz, maniac2003
  3. It's also slow here (The Netherlands). Only this forum.
  4. No problems so far with the pro version of 2007. I don't use ad-watch, so can't comment about that. But for the rest it runs fine.
  5. If you go to the support center (from lavasoft) and log in. Then there is a button under your SE license, if you click on it you'll get the SN for the 2007 version.
  6. Currently there is no language pack, it will come later when the translations are done.
  7. Nice to hear Will the people that already had a license also recieve e-mail to activate their Plus/Pro versions ? Or do they have to contact Lavasoft ?
  8. Currently I also use A-squared from Emsisoft. Very nice product. Updates every day. It has a bit of false positive problem, but if you know what's on your pc that's no problem. Also Counterspy or Spyware Doctor are fine products. I hope Lavasoft gets the 2007 version going in time, before everyone switches (temporarily) to a different program.
  9. If I read all the problems on the forum with the 2007 version, I don't think about upgrading (yet). But it certainly doesn't do Lavasoft any good.
  10. Real-time scanning. More differences can be found here: