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  1. Hi Alezito, This sounds like a damaged archive. Please try to download again installation file. Bye Michel
  2. Hi Kagan, We're not talking about Task Manager's list but the services which are running through Windows' session. You can get to this list by clicking : Start > Run> Services.Msc Once here, highlight Ad-aware service and right-click it to get the menu to stop and restart. @SICUSA : glad to help. Bye Michel
  3. Ok, n'hésites pas si tu rencontres un souci d'utilisation. A+ Michel
  4. Hi anwaypasible Click on Start / Programs / Lavasoft / Ad-Aware 2007 / Uninstall. If you don't have this menu either, there possibly was a problem during installation. Please try to re-install / de-install. Bye Michel
  5. Hi tinacee1, In the Scan results window, you should have tabs at the top ( critical, privacy, log files ). Click them to switch between the different result screens. Hope this helps. Michel
  6. Hi, Right-clicking the service in the list should bring the menu to start / stop / restart. If not, be sure you're connected to Windows as an administrator. Hope this helps Michel
  7. Hi irish1cool, Ad-watch is not available with free version of Ad-Aware. Please look at the Comparison chart. Bye Michel
  8. Bonjour Tania, Que se passe-t-il exactement ? As-tu essayé de saisir ton numéro de serie manuellement plutot que par copier/coller ? Michel.
  9. I would bet on ZoneAlarm. But i'm using it too without a problem ! To be sure, try shutting down only one soft at a time. Bye Michel
  10. Ok, it's the latest release : you don't need to worry about the date. This should be fixed soon. Bye Michel
  11. Hi guys, This could appear if you're using Windows Vista with Aero. Ad-aware is not fully compatible Vista yet : switching to Windows Classic style could help however. If you're using Windows XP, make sure no additional components to look like Vista is installed. If not, please post the list of programs running in background ( run Taskmanager, then Process tab ) Hope this helps Michel
  12. Hi Korab, This should be fixed soon. There is no worry, 14.000 is the latest virus definition file. But be sure to use the latest version of Ad-aware software. Current is To know your version, click on the I at the top right of the main Ad-Aware screen. If not, click Update button on the same screen. Bye Michel
  13. Hi Richard, And did these steps work for you ? If not, can you tell us if other programs are running in the background ? Michel
  14. Sorry to hear that. I'm sure LS support is doing the best, but they might be a little "overbooked" as many new users are trying Ad-aware. Thanks for your patience. Bye Michel
  15. Hi DJTee, Ad-Aware 2007 is not fully compatible with Vista yet. But you can try this ( from the FAQ - See signature for link ) : I get an error message "SSL download failed". How do I resolve this issue? The Error message "SSL download failed" is caused by Ad-Aware 2007 not getting access to the Internet. First of all, make sure that your system is connected to the Internet. If you are using a proxy server, make sure to configure the Ad-Aware WebUpdate settings. In Ad-Aware 2007->WebUpdate->Proxy settings. Save the new settings and try a webupdate again. If you still have problems, try this: * Turn off all security software like Firewalls (check your router firewall as well) and any Antivirus programs. * Restart Ad-Aware and try to do a webupdate if you haven't activated the automatic update. If you do not get an error message, configure your security software to grant Ad-Aware 2007 network access, before turning them on again. Hope this helps. Bye Michel