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  1. Ah well thanks, do you know whether users using the free version will be able to use the Vista version too, sounds stupid as you probably will be able to do so, sorry for the comments before, I have now seen that Vista has stopped a lot of spyware etc companies releasing on time, thanks for keeping us up to date with the information!
  2. You say that we should read the specifications, but the fact that an older version works with vista and this one doesnt kind of worries me. Adware should have known about the release of Vista and should have worked around that and so should have decided to use that as a basis for an operating system rather than not even considering it. Why did adware not try and release adware for vista too?
  3. Well I downloaded Adware 2007 free and did the scan. After it had finished it came up with an error message saying i should go to secure.lavasoft.com/supportcentre. It also said 'Canvas doe not allow drawing.' I went to the site it said to go to and i was about to report the error but it asks you to login and I cant as I dont have a password and stuff for the support centre and it wont allow me to register either! Can anybody help me?