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  1. hi. i am giving adaware free 2007 a try, and there are two UI options that do not work... 1. show tooltips 2. show gridlines for found objects. it is still hopeless as far as deleting all tracking cookies found. i am eagerly awaiting a fix for the many bugs that have been posted here.
  2. is this "new" normal behavior for adaware 2007? or a new bug?
  3. thank you. i hope you get this fixed asap, otherwise i really won't be able to use this software.
  4. i've noticed this same thing. is this a bug?
  5. thank you so much tobias for your quick reply. i appreciate it.
  6. hi. when i tried to download today's new software update for adaware free 2007, i continually got a message that the download servers were busy. does anyone have any estimate as to when the download servers might be up again, so i can download the update? thanks in advance for any help.
  7. i would like to thank you guys for fixing this so rapidly.
  8. over-all, i think your staff is doing a pretty decent job.
  9. other than the false positive from yesterday, i haven't had too many problems with it SO FAR.......i did see one person post about system restore not working with it installed, but i haven't tested it yet. i still don't understand why the adaware service can't be turned off when the program isn't running.
  10. i'll stick with the free version until all the bugs are worked out, and then i'll make up my mind.
  11. i hope it's not yet another glitch! i noticed one of the new components downloaded and updated for adaware 2007 free was an update of the infamous adaware service, which has gotten so much attention in these forums. i hope that they were able to reduce its memory useage, but from what i can see in task manager, it's still using between 20-30 mb on my system. the more i scan with adaware, the higher the resource usage goes. at the next update, maybe they will give us a way to turn the service off when adaware isn't running. A2Free also has a running service, but it doesn't consume nearly as much memory as this one does.
  12. i'm pleased to say in today's update holystic dialer is gone. thank you lavasoft for removing the false positive.
  13. mine is still listed as though i downloaded the updates.
  14. i thought it was an FP. i hope they remove this in the next definition file. thank you so much for your reply.
  15. i forgot to mention i am running windows xp home edition SP2. i have placed holyistic dialer twice in quarantine, twice in ignore, and every time i reboot the computer adaware keeps finding it! spybot search and destroy, A2Free, windows defender, and avast antivirus do not detect holyistic dialer at all! either this is a false positive, or there is something fundamentally wrong with the way ad aware 2007 detects and removes "infections".
  16. hi. i seem to be having a problem with the latest definition files issued today, june 11. 0003.000. ad aware keeps finding and removing something called "Holyistic Dialer" which windows defender, spybot search and destroy, and A2Free do not find. all these programs have the latest definitions. as soon as i reboot the computer, Holyistic Dialer comes right back! this leads me to believe this is either a false positive from adaware 2007 (free edition), or it simply is not removing the "infection" in the first place. any help would be much appreciated. i really want to give adaware 2007 a chance, but if it doesn't remove infections, does not delete completely simple things like tracking cookies, etc. i would have no choice but to uninstall it and try something different. any help in this matter is much appreciated. the good news is that "Holyistic Dialer" is still in quarantine after this 3rd test reboot, so i'll run a scan and see if adaware picks it up again. i'm not really sure what to do about this. in all the years i ran ad aware se, it rarely, if ever, registered a false positive! any help is appreciated.
  17. thank you very much for the clear explanation of what aawservice actually does. its purpose had me totally baffled, particularly since there is no on-access scanner in adaware 2007 free. maybe in future versions they can get it to the point where it uses less system resources. i was going to uninstall adaware 2007 because of the service, but after it found and removed a dialer that none of my other antivirus /antispyware programs found, i'm probably going to keep it. i HOPE it wasn't just a false alarm! it was called "Holyistic Dialer" and had a TAI rating of 5. thanks again for the info.
  18. hopefully adaware got rid of it completely. there wasn't much there, just a registry entry and i think 1 file. i'm scanning with A2Free and Spybot S&D just in case.
  19. hi. i downloaded the latest definition updates for adaware 2007 free, and it found something i believe in the registry called "holyistic dialer", which i quarantined, and then deleted from quarantine. it had a TAI rating of 5. i have looked all around this website to find info about holyisitc dialer, and i cannot. can anybody here please tell me where on the website i can find info about this? i HOPE it wasn't a false posiitve! thanks in advance for any help.
  20. i am hoping that at some point lavasoft will fix this "bug". unless, as other people have said, it is there simply to make the migration to a paid version easier. i sure hope not!! i've been using adaware for years, and i've always liked the program. this running service in the free version is totally unacceptable.