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  1. I emailed AVG but they said to try these steps and it seemed to have worked so i am passing it on to everyone here (this is regardless if you have pro or the free version but I would like to understand why this happened after an Ad-aware 2007 update and what Lavasoft is doing to fix this. first Bring up your AVGCC->(Double Click)Update Manager->This will bring up the Properties window where the default setting should be 'Update immediately' & 'Require confirmation from user'.... then: * Please run AVG Control Center->Update Manager->Settings->Advanced tab-> use "Delete update temporary files" button. * Reboot your PC. * Try to update again. see if this makes a difference. give it till the next update before doing this one: If not download the AVG free or Pro again and instead of an install- do a repair. Only problem is when Adaware 2007 does another update will it do something to AVG again and Lavasoft should correct the problem so it doesn't do it to AVG or any other antivirus program. robin
  2. After the 11/27/07 update to Ad aware 2007 free version, I am finding that AVG antivirus is now asking for a reboot after it gets its definitions from the internet. It never did this before. I have noticed this happen on 30 of my clients computers and I belong to a Windows Defender newsgroup and have seen posts in there with the same problem. Has anyone seen it here and knows of a fix? robin
  3. At least you got it to install. It will not install at all on my vista home premium. I have no problems installing any other programs. and no one has answered my post here about this. I have downloaded it from several different places thinking maybe at cnet.com it was corrupted. Maybe someone will answer yours and mine. robin
  4. I just installed Ad Aware 2007 free. I had uninstalled the because it was too flakey I am a little confused In the original version the real protection was red because this is the free version and adwatch did not run at all. In the real protection is now green and I can click on Adwatch and it now goes into the system tray and it is showing real time protection is on too. First I thought you could only get realtime protection in the pro version and adwatch also. Why is it working in the free? or is it? it is showing realtime protection on but "connect" is greyed out and not checked. it is the only one. someone please explain? thanks robin
  5. why can't you just go into Control Panel/Administrative Services/Services and scroll down till you see aaservice and put it to "manual"? that would be easier than running another program to do it. robin
  6. here: http://www.tucows.com/preview/236049 or here http://www.snapfiles.com/get/adaware.html
  7. I gave up because this has happened on 5 computers and uninstalled ad-aware 2007 and reinstalled ad aware se and i see no connection or anything else problems. I am not reinstalling until all the creaks are out of it robin
  8. join the family- seems alot of us are having the same problem. Since lavasoft seems to not want to address this problem and answer us here I just uninstalled the free version and reinstalled ad aware se personal. I am having NO problems at all with that one robin
  9. Just tried an update on another computer running xp pro sp2 with AVG antivirus and Firewall. the aawservice is allowed in the firewall and when it tried to update the "Service" 7.0.14 I got this exception error that came on the screen so fast and went away faster I could not grab it to write it down nor capture a picture of it but I did get this picture. Also date still sits at 6/8/07
  10. and what if you are not running Norton? I am running AVG Free antivirus on on 5 computers and 1 has AVG Pro with firewall and I had no problems on the update prior to this one and no problems with Ad aware se robin
  11. I am not running norton, I am running AVG Pro on one machine and AVG Free on the rest robin
  12. same error msg on 5 computers after last update. all running the free version. 4 running xp pro, 1 running xp home. An exception errors when trying to do an update. I also sent the error msg to Lavasoft. Something needs to be fixed here. I was able to see a bit of it and seems the crashing has to do with the aawservice.exe robin
  13. when you open the program on the left side you will see one of the buttons as "Scan" Click on it then you will see 3 categories. One of them will be "Quarantine and Ignore " Click on that and it will open to the Qarantine box where you can restore or delete robin