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  1. The usual update box comes up, one line that is so quick I am unable to read it and then stops on thorax. The AA then shows todays date on the update but version 362 for the def file. (I am using the latest version of AA)
  2. I have done what Jeff stated and it does NOT work for me- I am still on 0150 362!!!
  3. I did as Andy suggested exactly, but my definitions still say 362.
  4. I have the same result that Prevx Safe Online keeps reporting to me, so is it more than a coincidence that two utilities are reporting the same??
  5. I do have Malware Bytes but it is not running until I want it. I have just run AA again today and yet again no cookies, when 8.0 used to find several and I have not changed my habits, underwear apart
  6. With older versions after a week a run of AA would find 50 to 60ish tracking cookies, the new version never finds any!! Am I just plain lucky or is there some other issue. Thankfully I have no problems otherwise.
  7. My Prevx Safe Online utility has flagged up the so.dll part of Autostart Manager as a medium risk malware. I cannot find anyone else mentioning this on the forum, so what to do now??
  8. Thanks that works, but it does alter the desktop from aero to basic for the duration that Adaware is running, and then reverts when Adaware is closed.