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  1. [quote name='searchkight' post='125326' date='Mar 5 2011, 02:53 AM']I did but that was the result. Peculiar right? It would help if Lavasoft had their own specialized clean-up tool![/quote] I believe based on some research that I did on Google is that the problem is in the Hardware Fingerprint that is generated when you register AAPro. Since I had an old license key from last year that was cancelled, the Hardware Fingerprint needs to be reset. It is still attched to the old license key info. Lavasoft states that this can be done online. However, I did not buy it from them directly but another online seller. To reset the Fingerprint online, you must have login credentials which Lavasoft did not provide me directly or the online seller as it now stands. Once again, a convoluted process.
  2. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='125325' date='Mar 5 2011, 01:51 AM']Hi searchkight, Glad we can help! Did you completely uninstall your old version of Ad-Aware before installing the new one and adding in the license?[/quote] I did but that was the result. Peculiar right? It would help if Lavasoft had their own specialized clean-up tool!
  3. [quote name='SpySentinel' post='125315' date='Mar 4 2011, 08:36 PM']Hi searchkight, Sorry to hear about your issue. Have you tried Revo Uninstaller? Here are instructions on how to use it here: [url=""][/url] I'm not sure if this will remedy your situation. Like CeciliaB said, Lavasoft is out of the office until Monday, so not sure if they will be around to check on the issue.[/quote] Thanks. I have that Uninstaller, and it did not work. Again, thanks to all of you for being more responsive than the software vendor.
  4. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='125310' date='Mar 4 2011, 04:59 PM']Sorry to hear that Lavasoft doesn't respond. Now they have left the office for the weekend but I try to get in contact with them on Monday. In the mean time I hope someone else has any ideas.[/quote] Cecilia, Support for a security product is often one of the reasons people buy it. Obviously, Lavasoft does not place a priority on support no matter the problem. Licensing is one of the first things a consumer has to deal with on purchase. I went through this with them last year, and nothing changed, resulting in my refund request. It could be that the license key is just for two years, and Lavasoft provided the seller with the wrong key but I am not a Support Tech.
  5. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='125305' date='Mar 4 2011, 08:01 AM']First, since you have bought the product you can use the Lavasoft support [url=""][/url] instead of this forum with volunteers. Second, there are no specific Ad-Aware clean-up tool but the recommended way to uninstall is described in [url=""][/url] and you can try [url=""]AppRemover [/url] to see if it finds any left-overs.[/quote] Cecilia, I sent two support requests to Lavasoft with no response yet. You and your volunteers are more responsive it seems. Thank you for that:). Second, I have both applications you described, and used them to no avail. The same expiration date appears minus one day. In other words, it said 2/12/13. Now it states 2/11/13. Being a 3 year license, it should say 3/3/14.
  6. Last year I purchased AdAware Pro but had lots of issues, removed it, and obtained a refund. Yesterday, I purchased it again after reading many positive reviews. The new license is for 3 years, like the old but the expiration of the old one seems to have been embedded somewhere. I tried reregistering with the new license, uninstalling and reinstalling the program, with no success. The old expiration is still there. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there an AdAware clean-up tool which will totally remove all registry entries and program files completely? Thanks.
  7. I am using the Plus version. I noticed that whenever there is the slightest change made to the registry by a program, the Ad-watch icon starts to blink. It does not tell me specifically what program made the change unless I access the logs. Also I cannot find a feature where I can exclude a program that I deem safe from generating an alert. Does anyone know if there is way to adjust the sensitivity of Ad-watch and be able to exclude legitimate safe programs ? I find it to be overly sensitive and lacking in providing more specific information via a balloon tip alert. Input is appreciated.
  8. Well it seems that almost everybody by now is aware of the free version running as a service even after it is closed. Like they say, can't beat 'em join 'em. If I have to have a windows service running on my pc then I will look for a paid version of an anti-spyware with real-time protection. My main concern like everyone else here is the security of my pc, and to do what is necessary. I use to like AdAware Free
  9. Hi, I just downloaded and started using AdAware 2007 Free. I am aware that there is no real-time protection in this version but noticed that when the program is started, updates downloaded if any, a scan performed, and then the program is stopped, and closed, it is still running as a service. If it is not providing real-time protection, then the service should automatically stop when the program is closed. I changed its properties to manual, and not automatic in my services manager but the service is still running unless I terminate it manually. If I disable the service, the program will not run at all. I am now using version of AdAware 2007 Free on Windows XP SP2. Is this normal or a fluke in the program to continually run as a service. Any input is appreciated.