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  1. I have a big problem with the aawservice.exe process that uses more than 20MB and does nothing. there's no need for this process in the free version. I hope you will fix this, meanwhile I'm uninstalling Ad-Aware.
  2. Thanks. The idea is to click the .bat file (or a shortcut) in order to open the program? clicking the .bat file will start ad-aware or should I click the .bat file and then the ectuall .exe file of ad-aware?
  3. I've noticed that the process aawservice.exe takes more than 20,000K, even though I have Ad-Aware Free and there's no real-time protection (that's more than my NOD32 that does have real-time protection!!). After I manually terminated the process the program could not start. The program shouldn't really do anything when it's not open so I don't understand why is it so much.