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    8.2 vs. Outlook

    It crashes other email clients too, ie TheBat even though selected to allow in process watch
  2. My windows 7 crashes and locks up too, even after reboot, i downloaded and installed the 8.2, after initial update it reboots and all seems to be ok, a popup says a new update is available, if you download it end of story, windows takes an eternity to restart and grinds to a halt, used revo in safemode to deleta all reboot and installed again, if you don't download the latest update from the popup window all runs ok(to some extent, all bugs reported are still there) Like a twit i downloaded the update again 3 times and the same happened every time, lesson learnt. At the moment i'm running without process watch and without network watch as it still closes my email client TheBat even though i selected allow Not much use the way it is, definately won't buy a subscription till ita sorted
  3. I have 2 fixed sata hard drives and also an ide rack that i use for varios storage hard drives. if i pull out a hard drive and replace it with another, on reboot, Ad-Aware reverts back to the free version and ad-Watch is not available. It seems obvios that Ad-Aware uses all the hard drives to calculate a machine id that the licence is pendent/linked to and a change of hard drive obviosly changes the value. If i try to re-register i get an error(even with code you sent me for being a beta tester, thanks BTW). If i replace the hard drive that was present when i registered ad-Aware, on reboot things return to normal and ad-watch also starts. Can you not make the registration pendent to say only the main hard drive? ie where C: and system particion is located. I also posted this in the Beta site but as testing is finished i thought i'd put it in here aswell