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  1. i guess i should have known well maybe the problem would be accidently fixed in 2010 cya then:)
  2. like i said Ad-Aware 2008 this time it the free version but any way it's not sp2 sp3 problem you can run a search on my nickname and see for your self this problem go back to 2007: http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?s...c=10716&hl= that is the first thread i have opened about this problem but not the last and despite the fact that thread was calssified as Resolved /Inactive the problem was NEVER solved for me not once.
  3. ever since you have released Ad-Aware 2007 i have this nagging problem when i change something in setting like skin or any other option for that matter the second i restart the softwere i see that nothing has change and as a resault of this prbolem i simply don't use Ad-Aware in any version but every now and then when you release a new version i do try to check and see if you have fixed the problem but so far i remain very dissapointed now just so you know i have already tried anything and everything i could thing of regarding the setting.aaw file or what ever he's name is i don't remember any more and during this time i have already reformated the computer several times reinstall windows several times and i don't have a similer problem with any other softwere so the problem is 100% gaurntee from your softwere or the way your softwere work with my os and computer my os is winxp sp3 full hebrew the problem was present in sp2 as well now because i have tried your softwere on another computer with completly diffrent hardware i'm pretty sure that the problem is due to problems between your softwere and my hebrew os so if you can consider changing the way you save setting changes or some other solution that would be great and many thanks in advance.
  4. Raziel you can delete this futile thread first of all 017 is the dns servers of my isp as you can see here: http://www.petri.co.il/dns_ip_addresses_fo...eli_isps_he.htm first two lines and 023 is mcaffe total protection softwere so moving my previous to this forum is useless and as i have already told you the problem is much older then sp3 or any spyware or virus but i guess i should have anticipated this futile response because you are not going to admit that the problem is a problem in your softwere and to be honest i have no idea why i keep trying to try to solve a problem that is clearly not of my own doing in a softwere who i have long gave up on her and that today is not consider to be one of the best spyware removing softwere to say the least but have a good weekend too bro.
  5. @aviramof just found suspicious and harmful entries in sector 017/023 I'll move your post to the appropriate forum. FYI some internet newspapers reported that SP3 could damage the registry, hope yours is ok. Have a nice weekend Raziel
  6. Linux2009 the problem i have seem to be more complex then just deleteing the settings.aaw my problem is that for some reason perhaps because my windows is in hebrew the installer doesn't create the settings.aaw file at all and if i create it manually the softwere still can't save information to this file and that is my problem. my os is winxp sp3 full hebrew and that it if you wan't more information just ask but in the mean while i have no intention of installing or using ad-aware in any version till the problem is solved. thanks in advance.
  7. Ok then i guess it's the last time i'm trying to install ad-aware again.
  8. does any one has any idea why i have this problem?
  9. my problem is that ever since Ad Aware 2007 was released and even now in version 2008 beta 1 i can't save changes in the setting any change doesn't last after softwere restart and i have absolutley no idea why does this happen it just very very strange now ever since version 2007 was first released i have formated the computer twice and reinstall the same windows it hebrew version sp2 corporate version that it no special changes and etc and i really want to know why and what is causing this problem once and for all so if you need any information just ask and thanks in advance.
  10. by the way it seems thet i have not Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007 in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data nor the file Settings.aaw for some reason this directories and files were not created during installion. thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I got to say i really don't know what is going on in here but for some reason no new version of ad-aware 2007 is saving any setting change for me from the first version to the last version what i mean is thet if i try to change skin when i re open the softwere it's the same skin the same goes for any other option in setting and i'm still hoppping thet you would fix this problem thet is why i always install new version when it released and because the problem isn't fixed this is the reason why i always uninstall the softwere after a quick check and i got to say thet i never had any similer problem with any other softwere. p.s is it possible thet your softwere is using uniq save setting option thet require some componet thet my windows don't have? i'm using a slightly modify version of windows known as corporate.crow it's an automatic installing version and perhaps has some changes built in to her but the use of this version is very common in my area.
  12. never mind i'v uninstall the softwere. maybe i'll see you again on the next version