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  1. They could put all the update information in the GUI pop up that occurs when you click on "Update" from the main window - along with a progress bar. The extremely helpful "Getting information about updates [...]" one.
  2. I use Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, and AVG Anti-spyware. I honestly wouldn't recommend AA 2007 unless you really want it and have alot of computer power to spare due to the "necessary" service, the larger size, and the greater power needed to scan.
  3. Why not put it in the already existing pop up window? Since they insist on having one.
  4. If it wasn't a terrible program, maybe I would have a more 'positive' record. You would think they could have worked out its problems in 9 months wouldn't you? Oh ok then. Use Ad-Aware SE. There. At least its manual update works (I tried it with AA2007 when the update server was down temporarily and it didn't show that it had updated definitions in the program - even after restarting the service). I suggest using to get it. That's the problem. Even though the update sizes are nearly twice the size of SE definition files, for whatever odd reason, there is something screwy with AA 2007's update procedure, not the download itself. A progress bar would be a beneficial feel good addition to the program.
  5. Retort: lulz Who doesn't love company faces? Spyware Blaster was recently updated, now it looks fancy and runs as fast as it used to, and it was updated to make the checking of Firefox blocks faster. Spybot is also updated and faster (well after they fixed the slow boot bug). An older, faster program (that was equally accurate) and wasn't as bloaty. The scanning isn't so much a problem as the borked update system. It takes (comparatively) forever to query the update server and download the update. There is obviously some sort of bug in the update code.
  6. Yeah, Ad Aware 2007 blows. It has a "necessary" system process that uses around a MB of RAM idling - when running, the main program + system program use ~100MB of RAM not to mention half of my CPU. Both of those make my massive gaming system the only one in the house that could realistically run it. It apparently has some sort of update error because it takes forever to do it and it freezes the program while making its pitiful update attempt. And the whole thing is counter intuitively designed. If this is a "step forward," Lavasoft needs to take 2 steps back. AAW2007 is trash compared to any previous version on all levels. They should have never killed AAW SE until they finished AAW 2007 which they have yet to do. It still has the same problems, oh I mean "features" it had when it was introduced. I don't need a cookie scanner bad enough to put up with this, I rather manually update SE. Also, if they keep pulling this kind of stuff, they have a really good chance of getting pulled from the "big 2" anti-spyware apps where it is with Spybot S&D right now.
  7. I want to hear their real explanation, not the PR one that assumes people using their program are standard computer users who just use outlook express and surf the internet on IE.
  8. Are we allowed to reply here? If so, what is the reasoning for it being required to boot on start up? The programming detects if it is disabled and refuses to start. In addition, the program will start the service if it is stopped. Why is the service not opening and closing with the program since it is obviously able to work like that? If it isn't real-time protection and is supposedly the "heart" of the program, why is it separate from the program and implemented in a very suspicious and territorial fashion?
  9. That's the reason not to use 2007 - the users are having to come up with their own personal ways to deal with a service they don't want that they arn't able to turn off without creating macros to deal with it.
  10. I feel bad for anyone who actually paid for this program.
  11. They are in fact not removed. It kept catching near a hundred Tracking Cookies from Firefox. I repeatedly removed them with Ad-Aware but they kept coming back. I had to manually remove them in Firefox.
  12. Pretty bad when Spybot is finding tracking cookies, you need to get Spywareblaster and enable Spybot's immunization. But beside the point, it doesn't really matter if it detects anything, I ran a full scan several times in a row, and the times it did pick up something, it wouldn't remove it.
  13. Considering they have far bigger fish to fry than Vista compatibility, I would give it a while.
  14. Not working with Vista is the least of its problems.
  15. Because after months of very public tests, they still managed to rush it out ahead of time with more bugs than games released in the mid-90s.