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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='119442' date='May 7 2010, 10:34 AM']Lavasoft says: Fix will be released early next week in a webupdate. Monday May 10 or Tuesday May 11 will most likely require reinstall if ad-aware crashes at startup so no update possible.[/quote] Sorry but I don't get it. If ad-aware crashes after applying the fix so it will not work anymore??? Thanks in advance Miguel Angel
  2. I'll wait till there is a fix. I installed / reinstalled previous versions and the issue is far from being solved. Regards Miguel Angel
  3. Hi : Also had installed VS 2010 Express and had the same issue, I followed the topics regarding the 8.2.x issue and reverting to 8.1.2 didn't solved the issue. So I uninstalled Ad Aware , and I'm going to wait till a fix is launched Regards Miguel Angel P.S : sometimes these situations happens so I can wait, but indeed I like Ad Aware
  4. It happens too with Version 8.1.1 Regards Miguel Angel
  5. Hi everyone When I perform a complete scan AdAware 8.1 loops when starts to scan the registry, precisely in "clsid enumerating classes", the only action I can perform with the program is to close it and when I open it again it continues with the scanning but it doesn't advance further Kindly regards MiguelAngelXP
  6. Hi : Reading this topic I felt a sort of "schadenfreude" Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others according with this source http://www.answers.com/topic/schadenfreude , so I hope this problem will be solved as Casey told us Cheers MiguelAngelXP PD : BTW I performed a quick scan and it worked fine, so in this afternoon after work I expect to update the definition files and perform a complete scan
  7. I followed AAWService's advice and it worked for me. I reinstalled Anniversary Edition because I was getting fed up with the "Update to Anniversary Edition" dialog window :angry: , so in XP SP2 compatibility mode works (hopefully keeps working) for Vista Regards Miguel Angel
  8. Sure... you can download from this link..... Filehippo Good luck PS : Obviously uninstall Anniversary Edition and reinstall 2008 Greets Miguel Angel
  9. Hmmm I have the same problem I reported it in March this year, I'm running Vista Home Premium x64 so I think it's the version bug, I downgraded to Ad Aware 2008 and it updates without problem.... the only solution I figured was reinstalling Ad Aware 2008 Regards Miguel Angel
  10. I solved via reinstalling Windows in the past week, no problem at all updating normally with the Anniversary Edition Miguel Angel
  11. I found a Temporary solution , I reinstalled Ad-aware 2008 so it's a Anniversary Edition issue Regards Miguel Angel
  12. Hi : Still got this issue, so I think Lavasoft should take a look at this.....I really like this program
  13. Hi everyone , I've got the same issue it seems to be a server issue, I hope that the problem will be solve soon
  14. I also gopt the same issue, I think it's time to add an option to select several servers to download the latest Definition Updates, I like this software, so please pay attention to this topic Kindly Regards Miguel Angel
  15. Spike, as Michael said the automatic update works fine, yesterday I downloaded the 0044.0000 signature file, but also the forum server was unavailable, at least for me Regards Miguel Angel