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  1. [quote name='Cuc' post='119098' date='Apr 19 2010, 06:34 AM']Over a long period I am using the AD-Aware Pro software and until now I had been highly satisfied. It would be best for Lavasoft to continue producing and selling Anti Spyware software, because with such type of software they are the best. If I would like to use Avira Anti Virus software instead of AD-Aware Pro, I would buy Avira Premium Security Suite. Lavasoft with AD-Aware Pro 8.2.2 has not resolved a problem with incompatibility with software ESET NOD32 on x64 systems. Therefore it is not advisably to make upgrade from AD-Aware Pro 8.1.4 , to new "strong buggy" and instable version which can make you a hard times. Hope that Lavasoft does not get lost existing users and customers of AD-Aware Pro Anti Spyware software. Cuc , Croatia[/quote] I am now able to login to support. I have also gone back to v: 8.2.1, i did contact support on 17th February 2010 and now we are coming to the end of April and still no fix except a temporary one. I owe an apology to (casey boy) for not replying to his helpfull reply in February.
  2. Why does no one reply to posts about the above. I had the problems in Vista ultimate 64bit, and now have Windows 7 64 bit Professional, and still have the same problems. It is just as much a problem trying to log in to support even though it recognizes my email and password and i type in the two words. Maybe Lavasoft would like to refund my money. A reply would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. I have been using AdAware 8.1, running fine, today a splash screen came up to download 8.2. I downloaded it, exited 8.1 closed firewalls and Antvirus, installed 8.2, it did not find my serial number, i entered the serial number which was accepted, now the AdAware splash screen comes up and shows loading, then it just hangs, the only way i can get control of my computer is to go into safe mode and uninstall AdAware with Revo Uninstaller. I have done this twice now and the same thing happens. Any help to resolve this appreciated. Sorry AdAware Plus
  4. [quote name='casey_boy' post='115877' date='Jan 28 2010, 07:37 PM']Hi, Try restarting your computer, does it load ok after the restart? Casey[/quote] No it just wouldn't load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, now everything is fine. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Last evening i done a full system scan and the result was: High level security Threat found> Storm Worm (worm) TAI 10> has been removed from your computer. To-day AdAware has disappeared from the system tray, when i go to all programs and click on AdAware it appears on the desktop and starts to load then the update manager appears over it and does not update and AdAware stops loading, when i click on the x of windows manager they both disappear from the desktop. Can anyone help please. Prior to scanning my computer with AdAware i scanned with the following: Trojan hunter SuperAntispyware Spybot S&D Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Bit Defender All of them came back with clean computer.
  6. I have had the same problem, when i try to log in to customer support with the correct email address, all i get is, We couldn't find your e-mail in our customer register.. Please check spelling and try again. I have sent three e-mails and not had one reply.
  7. Hello, I have sent three emails and not had any replies, can anyone please help!. (1) on the 08/06/2007, to [email protected] (2) on the 08/06/2007, to [email protected] (3) on the 09/06/2007, to [email protected]